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Last updated 22nd May 2023

Vacancy process

It's just been announced that our vicar is moving on. What happens next? 

The diocesan vacancy process is as follows:

  • The PCC secretary will receive a Notice of Vacancy from the Diocesan Registry
  • The bishops appointments secretary will contact the churchwardens to arrange a pre-vacancy meeting with the PCC and the Archdeacon.
  • Approximately, one week before the pre-vacancy meeting the Bishops Appointment Secretary will send a letter to the churchwardens and PCC Secretary, outling the appointments process and provide a draft timeline.
  • Within six months of receiving the notice, the PCC should hold a 'Section 11' meeting at which your outgoing priest (and partner) and the parish patron must NOT be present. This meeting is to
    • Approve your parsh profile
    • Appoint two lay members of the PCC to act as representatives of the PCC in connection with selecting the next priest (neither of whom have to be a Churchwarden)
    • Decide whether to request the parish patron(s) to advertise the vacancy
    • Decide whether to request a 'Section 12' meeting with the parish patron(s) and a Suffragan Bishop (the Archdeacon, Area Dean and Deanery Lay Chair may also attend)
    • Decide whether to review existing resolutions or consider passing a new resolution regarding the arrangements for parishes unable, on theological grounds, to accept the ministry of women as priests and bishops. 
  • In line with the timeline provided send the following to the Bishops Appointments Secretary at
    • Complete Form 34 supplied by the Diocesan Registry
    • Draft parish profile



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