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Last updated 3rd April 2024

Hidden Disabilities


The Bishop of London has recorded her reflections on living with dyslexia.  You can watch the video here.

Autism and NeuroDiversity

  • Members of the congregation need to be aware that people on the autistic spectrum will have a range of needs and will probably interpret what they say literally.  
  • If someone comes to church regularly they may have a place where they prefer to sit.
  • They need to be informed if there are changes to the normal pattern of worship or if there are likely to be sudden noises e.g. an infant baptism.
  • Having ‘safe’ and ’quiet’ spaces within churches is helpful. There needs to be an announcement at the beginning of services to let people know what is available
  • Lynn McCann, Business Leader of ASC Outreach (based in Leyland) has written a blog which discusses 5 ways your church can support autistic children and make them feel included. The blog discusses getting to know the children, understanding how they react to sensory stimuli, considering changes the church can make to be more accessible, supporting the families and more.  To read the blog follow this link
  • Triona Brading, an autistic Christian who is a Roofbreaker disability champion with Through the Roof, has teamed up with the charity to create two videos: 


Organisations offering support

  • Oxford Diocese have produced guidelines for welcoming and including autistic people in our churches and communities which can be found here 
  • Duncan Honeybourne has information about living with Asperger’s syndrome on his website.
  • The National Autistic Society provides information including guidance for places of worship.


The following two articles provide really valuable reflections on ADHD:

ADHD and Faith by Mrs Lynn McCann

ADHD and Me by Revd Dr Layla Lapine