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Last updated 7th September 2022

Diocesan Conference 2022

Introduction to the Diocesan Conference 2022

Bishop Philip recently wrote to the whole Diocese to begin the build up to our 'in person' Diocesan Conference taking place this November. 

What follows is the text of that letter and it will also feature in future editions of our Parish Update ebulletin. 

This special page is where you can find out the very latest news and information through a series of regular updates. 

Make sure you download the booking forms ... see links below ... and fill them in as soon as possible; and bookmark the above link to the conference news 'landing page' for the latest updates. 

Bishop Philip's letter follows ... 

Update 1: Message about the conference from Bishop Philip

It IS going to happen! You WILL be safe! It WILL be worthwhile!

What am I talking about?

The Diocesan Conference 2022!

So this is a plea for people who have not yet done so to place a booking.

The whole four days of our time at the Hayes Conference Centre, pictured inside and out, to give you a flavour of the place, on this page, from November 7–10 will be a total absorption in John’s Gospel. 

For those unfamiliar with the conference, there will be a basic introduction. We will have a range of outstanding speakers, some who will inspire, some who will challenge, some who will help us rejoice in God’s Word all the more.

There will be times of worship when we are all together and some where people can explore different traditions.

There will be three ways each morning of studying the scriptures. We will delight in excellent music, art and a range of entertainments.

Workshops will explore John from every angle imaginable.

Wine almost as good as Cana will be tasted. Whisky will play a brief but memorable role (though we are struggling for a Johannine connection on that one).

John gives as the purpose of his Gospel, ‘That you may have faith,’ which is the title of our conference.

So our time in Swanwick will not be about dusty, dry words and worthy speeches. It will be a time when we can seek deeper faith in the Word made Flesh and delight anew in the mystery of salvation.

During the Covid pandemic, our clergy and lay leaders have been heroic in their work and ministry and there is plenty of evidence that demonstrates this to be true.

This conference will be a wonderful time to get together, celebrate, build friendships and express a shared commitment to the ministry of the Church in Lancashire. We need you there!

So don’t delay, please book now!

Just download and complete the forms below and send to conference@blackburn.anglican.org.

There are places for all licensed clergy and for one lay person from each PCC so that we can represent the full diversity of our Diocese.

This comes with all my love and prayers,


Downloadable conference booking forms 

Diocesan Conference 2022 Booking Form: Clergy - Word
Diocesan Conference 2022 Booking Form: Clergy - Pdf

Diocesan Conference 2022 Booking Form: Lay Person - Word
Diocesan Conference 2022 Booking Form: Lay Person - Pdf




Ronnie Semley, February 2022


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