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Last updated 17th April 2019

Financial Assistance Group (Parish Vision Fund)

The Diocesan Parish Vision Fund is available to provide funding to parishes seeking financial assistance for one of the four Vision 2026 priorities:

  • Making disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Being witnesses to Jesus Christ
  • Growing leaders for Jesus Christ
  • Prioritising work among children, young people and schools

As well as applying for grants using the information and forms below, you may want to donate to the Parish Vision Fund, which you can do from this page here.

Applications for grants from the fund are particularly welcome from parishes seeking additional resources that focus on three of the Vision priority contexts (2016-2019):

a) Presence and engagement

the importance of the Church both remaining present in multi religious areas and engaging positively with communities of other faiths. NB Presence and Engagement is different from inter faith dialogue, although complementary to it

b) Outer estates

outreach through words and action in parishes that are in the bottom 40% nationally for multiple deprivation (please ask if you're not sure if your parish meets the criteria)

c) Turnaround parishes

outreach through words and action in parishes that have seen decline in numbers and financial strength over the past five years, and are determined to see growth in the number of, and depth in, discipleship

What you can apply for

Examples of the type of work that we will fund include activities that support and enable:

  • 'Seed corn' funding for feasibility studies for Vision 2026 initiatives
  • Clusters of parishes working together
  • Christians working together ecumenically and, where appropriate, entering partnerships with local faith communities and other groups
  • Outreach into a local community

Applicants may like to consider the following list of initiative categories that, from research, appear to be resulting in church growth in the Church of England today:

  • Encourage personal and parish discipleship (eg attendance at external discipleship events, parish day/ weekend away) 
  • Planting new congregations
  • Improving welcome and integration
  • More lay involvement in leadership
  • Evangelism and outreach for any generation
  • Making the Gospel accessible (Kids' Clubs, Christian Holiday Clubs, Messy Church, street parties, weekend events, Bible Study weeks)
  • Setting up and running discipleship courses
  • Training for evangelism, outreach and mission
  • Showing God's love through practical action in the community
  • New or replacement parish liturgical/ worship materials

Please note that funding is normally limited to a maximum of three years. If your project is expected to last for more than three years, we would expect you to explain how you will fund the work after our funding ceases. If the project is to end after three years, we would like you to explain how the work will come to an end, and what will happen to anyone employed. 

Application Process

Note: The amount of funding available has been reduced to 50% of the costs of a project, with a maximum grant of £20,000. The application form is being revised, but until it is available, please continue to use Form B below.

Applications for assistance of less than £2,000 can be submitted at any time and will be considered by the Head of Finance and the relevant Archdeacon. 

The deadlines for receipt of applications for assistance in excess of £2,000 are:


15 April - Financial Assistance Group meeting 13 May

2 September - Financial Assistance Group meeting 17 October

Completed application forms, together with supporting documents, should be sent to: or posted to:

Elaine Hargreaves
Diocesan Offices
Clayton House
Walker Office Park