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Last updated 12th March 2019

Diocesan property (clergy houses) and land

The Property team exists to serve the clergy and parishes of the Diocese. 

The team arranges and prepare quinquennial reports on vicarages and curates’ houses. This continual cycle of repair and maintenance is to ensure that church property is maintained to a good standard.

The process itself involves producing a survey report which goes to Property Committee for approval before going out to tender. The lowest tender is usually chosen and the work put in hand. There are approximately 200 vicarages and 50 other houses for which the department is responsible. About 50 quinquennial reports are prepared each year with a similar number of approved projects being carried out to implement the recommendations.

In addition, the team is responsible for maintaining technical records and forward maintenance plans; identifying and project managing development opportunities; and providing specialist property support, buying and selling of all Diocesan property, larger reactive repairs to houses, problems in gardens and boundary disputes, house lettings during periods of vacancy and dealing with issues regarding glebe land.



  • Diocesan Surveyor:          01254 503083
  • Property Adviser:    01254 503079
  • Property Secretary:    01254 503080