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Last updated 20th May 2020

Online and Contactless Giving

More and more churches have started to provide contactless card readers to enable visitors who do not carry cash to give in a way that suits them. 

Now it is also easy to let people to give by card through a link on your website, social media page, email footer or A Church Near You page or create a QR code that you can add to a streamed service so that people can hover their phone over the code on the screen and be taken directly to your giving page.  Donors can also make a Gift Aid declaration whilst making their donation.

There are many ways of doing this, but for parishes who do not already have a method of enabling online giving by debit or credit card, the quickest and simplest way will be through the partnership between the Church of England, Sum-Up and Give a Little.  Many parishes have Sum-Up machines so already have a Sum-Up account and a Give a Little account, but even if you don't, you can open an account with Sum-Up and create the necessary accounts to enable people to give online (and if you tick the box to say you have a Sum-Up machine you shouldn't even need to buy one, though you might find it useful when our buildings reopen).

To see how easy it is to give once the account has been created, click here or use your phone camera or QR code reader to hover over the QR code above to see an account we created.

There are three simple steps to create an account like this for your parish:  Full details can be found here

  • If you do not have a log in for Parish Buying you will need to set one up as part of the process which will also ensure that you receive the specially negotiated transaction rates.  There are no transaction charges in May 2020 and after that it will be 1.95% which is competitive for online giving.
  • We recommend following Steps 1, 2 and 3 here as the guidance provides full details and should answer all your questions.  There are 4 films.  We suggest ignore the first one (which is all 3 films combined) and work through steps 1 , 2 and 3, watching each film and reading the additional information and guidance for each step as you go.
  • A short animation has been produced which you might add to yor website or use in an online service.  This can be customised if you wish.  More information about how to download and use this can be found here
  • If you are streaming services you can include information about why we give and ways to give as well as adding a slide to help people find your giving page

For more information about this or other giving and stewardship resources please email