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Last updated 9th August 2017

Churchwardens duties

Thank you to those of you who have chosen to serve God and your community thrugh the office of Churchwarden.

Please find below a list of the primary duties of a Churchwarden. 

1.    To be a Christian:

  • committed to and believing in the Jesus Christ as your own personal Saviour and Lord.
  • now living out your life as a Servant of Christ and `given` to building  the Kingdom of God.

2.   To be a Christian leader:

  • setting an example of Christian life and holiness
  • growing in Christian maturity and wisdom
  • convinced of the Gospel and God`s calling.
  • to make being a Churchwarden a priority.

3.   To work Collaboratively in Partnership:

  • with Humility and Graciousness
  • as a peacemaker, bridge builder and reconciler
  • with loyalty and co-operation especially towards the Priest and others in leadership.

4. To co-operate with the Priest in leading the Whole Mission of the Church:

  • pastoral
  • evangelistic
  • social
  • ecumenical

5. To be the Bishop`s Officer:

  • attend any meeting of the Bishop, Chancellor or Archdeacon when summoned.
  • report any matter of serious neglect within the Parish.
  • make accurate replies to any `articles of enquiry`.

6. To be Stewards of the Church Building and Furnishings:

  • keep the church/parish Inventory and Log Book up to date.
  • oversee security
  • inspect and report on the church fabric each year.

7. Other duties:

  • responsible for seating
  • oversee the taking and recording of collections
  • provide bread/wine under direction of priest.
  • welcome visiting clergy/arrange for necessary clergy cover in co-operation with priest.
  • ensure that the parish`s financial obligations are met.
  • work with the Area Dean and Archdeacon especially during times of vacancy.
  • make sure of a good hand-over to your successor.