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Last updated 13th September 2019

Weekly Sermon

On this page you will find our weekly column written by a huge range of contributors, including the Bishops and Archdeacons, plus clergy and laity from across the Diocese.

All columns will come from a regular contributor who writes around three times a year. 

These columns can also be reproduced in local parish magazines. Spread the word!

Date (Friday) Title  Name
13 September 2019

Take comfort in Jesus; ignore fear and superstition

Stephen Whittaker
6 September 2019 With God there is always a second chance Bishop Jill Duff
30 August 2019 Never once do we ever walk alone Sharon Hassall
23 August 2019

Scars of hope for eternal life

Ronnie Semley
16 August 2019

The Challenges of choosing Jesus

Bishop Philip North
9 August 2019 Have some Cake Rev Calum Crombie
2 August 2019 Unpacking our Fears Rev Nancy Goodrich
26 July 2019 Service is Perfect Freedom Rev Canon Mark Jones
12 July 2019 Have a word with myself Ruth Hassall
5 July 2019 I am very easy to wind up Archdeacon Michael Everitt
28 June 2019 Living Water and Sustaining Life Rev Ian Enticott
21 June 2019

Jesus will shoulder our worries when we pray 

Rev Lisa Senior
14 June 2019 Do not believe that lie that Sunday doesn't matter Rev Nick McKee
31 May 2019

How do we respond to God's blessings?

Mandy Stanton
17 May 2019

Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves

Rev Canon Andrew Raynes
3 May 2019 Breakfast on the Beach Archdeacon Mark Ireland
26 April 2019 An Easter Reflection Geoff Hutchinson
19 April 2019 What is good about 'Good Friday' Gloria Birdsall
12 April 2019 Talk to young people about the glorious message of Easter Sam Johnson - DBE
4 April 2019 Passive acceptance of Poverty is never an option Bishop Philip North
29 March 2019 Saying Farewell after a job well done Ed Saville
8 March 2019

Importance of relationships - with friends, family ... and Jesus

Ronnie Semley
1 March 2019 God calls us to be ourselves Rev Calum Crombie
22 February 2019 Blessed are you who are poor Rev Mark Jones
8 February 2019 An Infectious Love for Jesus Rev Toby Webber
1 February 2019 Give us this day our daily bread Gillian Beeley
25 January 2019

Surprises in Prayer

Surprises in Prayer (extended version of article)

Rev Ian Enticott
18 January 2019 White Water Giving Archdeacon Mark Ireland
11 January 2019 A Privilege to Serve Dave Champness
4 January 2019 Tough Calls The Dean, Peter Howell-Jones


21 December 2018 Bishops' Christmas Messages

Bishop Julian

Bishop Philip

Bishop Jill

14 December 2018 A Time for Jesus to be Celebrated Geoff Hutchinson
7 December 2018 Hope in Jesus this Advent Gloria Birdsall
30 November 2018 The Storm before the calm at Schools across Diocese Stephen Whittaker
23 November 2018 Seeing Angels everywhere ... even in puddles! Archdeacon Michael Everitt
16 November 2018 They shall not grow old Rev John Chitham
9 November 2018 Lest We Forget - We've Forgot Rev Canon Ed Saville
2 November 2018 Poignant memories during a visit to York Archdeacon Michael Everitt