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Last updated 23rd September 2022

Weekly Sermon


On this page you will find our 'Weekly Sermon' columns, written by a huge range of contributors, including the Bishops and Archdeacons, plus clergy and laity from across the Diocese.

Contributors submit their columns on a rota and write around three times a year. 

We are always refreshing the rota. If you want to be considered as a future contributer, email communicate@blackburn.anglican.org 

These columns are free to be reproduced in local parish magazines or to be used as inpiration for other talks and sermons. Spread the word!

Date (Friday) Title 


7 October 2022 Do not lose heart Mark Ashley
23 September 2022 Jarring contrasts Rev Calum Crombie
7 September 2022

I want you to be smart in the same way  –  but for what is right

Rev Karen Herschell
2 September 2022 Through all changing scenes of life Ven Peter Ballard
26 August 2022 Make yourself at home Archdeacon David Picken

19 August 2022

The Kingdom Business Rev Munawar Din
12 August 2022 The P48 Test Geoff Hutchinson
5 August 2022 Judged, by a judge, in Waitrose Ronnie Semley
29 July 2022 Vanity, vanity! Rev Rebecca Feeney
22 July 2022 What would you do? Rev Carole Garner
15 July 2022

Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her

Rev Canon Dr

Rowena Pailing

8 July 2022

A priority of every Christian

Bishop Julian Henderson
1 July 2022 No Filter! Stephen Whittaker
24 June 2022 The Greatest Love Story ever told! Gloria Birdsall
10 June 2022

Revelling in relationship with God

Revd Nick McKee
3 June 2022 Be more Elijah! Archdeacon Mark Ireland
27 May 2022

Inspired by the courage of the Early Church

Lisa Fenton
20 May 2022 Promises, Promises!! Dean Peter Howell-Jones
13 May 2022 Opening the Doors of Love Rev Adam Thomas
29 April 2022 Praying for the Enemy Rev David Hargreaves
22 April 2022 Low Sunday Bishop Jill Duff
15 April 2022 See Jesus Rev Canon Andrew Raynes
1 April 2022 Don't be April Fooled! Sarah Earnshaw
25 March 2022

Beware of the Righteous Self

Mark Ashley
18 March 2022 Wonders, warnings and watchfulness Joy Rushton
11 March 2022 Go and tell that fox ... Rev Calum Crombie
4 March 2022

The same Lord is Lord of all

Rev Karen Herschell
25 February 2022 What happens next? Bishop Philip North
18 February 2022 Where is your faith? Rev Canon Peter Ballard
11 February 2022 Being Blessed Archdeacon David Picken
4 February 2022 A Journey Rev Munawar Din
28 January 2022 Surprised by God Rev Carole Garner
21 January 2022 A change of scenery Ronnie Semley
14 January 2022 They have no Wine Rev Rebecca Feeney
7 January 2022 New Year's Resolution Geoff Hutchinson
31 December 2021 Full of Grace and Truth Rev Canon Dr Rowena Pailing
24 December 2021 Christmas is a Season of Hope Bishop Julian Henderson
10 December 2021 The Third Sunday of Advent Gloria Birdsall
19 November 2021 The privilege of leading ... and following Ronnie Semley
11 November 2021 Lest We Forget Rev Calum Crombie
22 October 2021 Why do bad things happen to good people?  Rev Canon Mark Jones
24 September 2021 God's Endless Communication Joy Rushton
17 September 2021 Holding your nerve! Bishop Jill Duff
10 September 2021 We all have a cross to bear! Dean Peter Howell-Jones
3 September 2021 A Map for the Christian Life Rev Canon Dr Rowena Pailing
27 August 2021 Having our hearts in the right place Archdeacon David Picken
20 August 2021 Take the Sword of the Spirit Rev Karen Herschell
13 August 2021 The Song we sing Bishop Julian Henderson
6 August 2021 Be Angry! Archdeacon Mark Ireland
30 July 2021 Talking Straight Mark Ashley
23 July 2021 Are you being served? Rev Andrew Raynes
16 July 2021 Adrift, with our Shepherd Rev Rebecca Feeney
9 July 2021 Put on the full armour of God Geoff Hutchinson
2 July 2021

Find your purpose when you hear God’s call and say yes

Bishop Philip North
25 June 2021 Share your losses with a trusted listener  Stephen Whittaker
18 June 2021

God can restore, strengthen and support

Gloria Birdsall
11 June 2021 The things of the Kingdom Archdeacon David Picken
28 May 2021 For God so ... Rev Calum Crombie
21 May 2021 This Day of Pentecost Bishop Philip North
14 May 2021

“That’s All Folks!”

Rev Canon Mark Jones
7 May 2021 Love the neighbour we do not see  Rev Toby Webber
30 April 2021 True Vine Archdeacon Mark Ireland
23 April 2021 Who do you think you are? Rev Nick McKee
16 April 2021 How do you see yourself? Joy Rushton
9 April 2021 The Spirit can move your immoveable stones Bishop Jill Duff
2 April 2021 A Reflection for Good Friday Dean Peter Howell-Jones
19 March 2021 The Glory of God - Human beings fully alive Archdeacon David Picken
12 March 2021 Who has 'mothered' you? Rev Karen Herschell
5 March 2021 What would Jesus do? Rev Canon Andrew Raynes
26 February 2021

We have set our hand to this plough

Bishop Julian Henderson
19 February 2021 The Trials of Lent Rev Nancy Goodrich
12 February 2021

A time for reflection, prayer and sacrifice

Mark Ashley
5 February 2021 A Bit of a Mess Geoff Hutchinson
29 January 2021 On Groundhog Day Rev Rebecca Feeney
22 January 2021 Anyone for a party? Archdeacon Mark Ireland
15 January 2021 A Vision of the Future Bishop Philip North
8 January 2021 Jesus' Baptism Board of Education
Sam Johnson 
New Year's Day Who can be against us, when God is with us? Gloria Birdsall
Christmas Day 'O come let us adore Him' Archdeacon David Picken
11 December 2020 Who are you? Rev Callum Crombie
4 December 2020 Comfort Bishop Philip North
27 November 2020

An Englishman’s thoughts on Diego Maradona

Rev Canon Mark Jones
13 November 2020 It never rains ... ! An answer to prayer Archdeacon Mark Ireland
6 November 2020 The Ten Bridesmaids Rev Nick McKee
30 October 2020 The Power of Words Rev Lisa Senior
23 October 2020 God's beautiful promise to us all Bishop Jill Duff
16 October 2020 We all have a job to do! Dean Peter Howell-Jones
9 October 2020 An Unlikely Guest List Ruth Hassall
2 October 2020

Come, Ye Thankful People Come

Archdeacon David Picken
25 September 2020 God’s everlasting mercy and love Rev Karen Herschell
18 Septemper 2020 The Temple God is building Rev Canon Andrew Raynes
11 September 2020

Forgiving others is a key aspect of being a Disciple

Bishop Julian Henderson
28 August 2020

Remind yourself of the promise we have in Christ

Mark Ashley
21 August 2020 Nothing to hide, nothing to fear? Archdeacon Mark Ireland
14 August 2020

St Maximilian Kolbe  and the Self-Sacrificial Love of Jesus

Bishop Philip North
31 July 2020 Two Feasts Rev Rebecca Feeney

24 July 2020

How is Scalextric like the Kingdom of God? Stephen Whittaker
17 July 2020 Hope at all times Gloria Birdsall
26 June 2020 God made them all Rev Canon Herrick Daniels
19 June 2020 Not peace, but a sword Rev Calum Crombie
12 June 2020 #WeCanBreathe Bishop Jill Duff
5 June 2020 Jesus says 'Go' - a reflection for Tinity Sunday Rev Nancy Goodrich
29 May 2020 What are we waiting for? Rev Canon Mark Jones
15 May 2020 I will not leave you as ophans Ruth Hassall
1 May 2020 Voice Recognition Rev Ian Enticott
24 April 2020 The Easter message is always the same Rev Lisa Senior
17 April 2020 Feasting on the Word Rev Nick McKee
10 April 2020 'Give Him the praise He is due for His sacrifice' Bishop Julian Henderson
20 March 2020 Living in Lockdown Rev Canon Andrew Raynes
6 March 2020 Show to others the generosity, gift and grace of God Archdeacon Mark Ireland
28 February 2020

Are you a real supporter or just a fan?

Geoff Hutchinson 

21 February 2020

Just Believe! Gloria Birdsall
14 February 2020

Jesus relates to our suffering; offers unconditional love

Stephen Whittaker
7 February 2020 You are Salt of the Earth Bishop Philip North
31 January 2020

Bringing His light into the darkness

Sharon Hassall
24 January 2020

Let’s not press ‘delete’ on chances to grow our churches

Ronnie Semley
17 January 2020

What unites us is more than what divides us

Rev Calum Crombie
10 January 2020

This New Year try a detox – of the mind!

Bishop Jill Duff


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