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Last updated 26th June 2020

Weekly Sermon

On this page you will find our 'Weekly Sermon' columns, written by a huge range of contributors, including the Bishops and Archdeacons, plus clergy and laity from across the Diocese.

Contributors submit their columns on a rota and write around three times a year. 

We are always refreshing the rota. If you want to be considered as a future contributer, email 

These columns are free to be reproduced in local parish magazines or to be used as inpiration for other talks and sermons. Spread the word!

Date (Friday) Title 


26 June 2020 God made them all Rev Canon Herrick Daniels
19 June 2020 Not peace, but a sword Rev Calum Crombie
12 June 2020 #WeCanBreathe Bishop Jill Duff
5 June 2020 Jesus says 'Go' - a reflection for Tinity Sunday Rev Nancy Goodrich
29 May 2020 What are we waiting for? Rev Canon Mark Jones
15 May 2020 I will not leave you as ophans Ruth Hassall
1 May 2020 Voice Recognition Rev Ian Enticott
24 April 2020 The Easter message is always the same Rev Lisa Senior
17 April 2020 Feasting on the Word Rev Nick McKee
10 April 2020 'Give Him the praise He is due for His sacrifice' Bishop Julian Henderson
20 March 2020 Living in Lockdown Rev Canon Andrew Raynes
6 March 2020 Show to others the generosity, gift and grace of God Archdeacon Mark Ireland
28 February 2020

Are you a real supporter or just a fan?

Geoff Hutchinson 

21 February 2020

Just Believe! Gloria Birdsall
14 February 2020

Jesus relates to our suffering; offers unconditional love

Stephen Whittaker
7 February 2020 You are Salt of the Earth Bishop Philip North
31 January 2020

Bringing His light into the darkness

Sharon Hassall
24 January 2020

Let’s not press ‘delete’ on chances to grow our churches

Ronnie Semley
17 January 2020

What unites us is more than what divides us

Rev Calum Crombie
10 January 2020

This New Year try a detox – of the mind!

Bishop Jill Duff