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Last updated 27th November 2019

Growing Leaders Team

The Discipleship and Ministry Department exists to support our clergy and parishes. 

The team is responsible for:

  • Developing Discipleship and Lay ministry, including training for Occasional Preachers and other practical issues, and support for the network of Pastoral Assistants
  • Recruitment, training or support for Readers 
  • Vocations Advisors who can help people exploring any form of licensed ministry, lay and ordained. 
  • Guiding candidates for Ordained Ministry through the diocesan and national discernment processes
  • Training for curates in their first years of Ordained Ministry
  • Self-Supporting Ordained Ministry (SSM) clergy
  • Ordinands and Readers training on our local All Saints course


Contacts: Department

  • Department Administrator: Rosie Strachan - Rosie.Strachan@Blackburn.Anglican.Org  01254 503078  

Contacts: Training

  • Discipleship & Lay Ministry Development Officer and Warden of Pastoral Assistants: Mandy Stanton - Mandy.Stanton@Blackburn.Anglican.Org 07896 490832
  • Director of Studies including IME2: Rev Matt Allen - Matt.Allen@Blackburn.Anglican.Org

Contacts: Vocations

  • Director of Vocations: Rev Nick McKee - Nick.Mckee@Blackburn.Anglican.Org     07776 685210
  • Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands: Rev David Arnold - 01257 474025
  • Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands: Rev Stef Dnistrianskyj - 01253 823978
  • Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands: Rev Carolyn Leitch - 01253 973864
  • Vocations Coordinator: Rev Catherine Hale - vocation@Blackburn.Anglican.Org 

Other Contacts:

  • Warden of Readers: Rev Canon Andrew Holliday - 01257 421396