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Last updated 5th November 2019

Diocesan Synod

The Diocesan Synod is composed of the three Houses of; Bishops, Clergy and Laity. It has a number of functions:

  • To consider matters concerning the Church of England to make provision for these matters in relation to the Diocese of Blackburn
  • To consider and express an opinion on other matters of religious or public interest
  • To advise the Bishop on any matters on which he may consult the Synod
  • To consider and express an opinion on any matters referred to it by the General Synod
  • To consider the proposals for the annual budget for the diocese and to approve or dissapprove them
  • To consider the annual accounts of the diocesan board of finance

The Bishop has a duty to consult the Diocesan Synod on matters of general concern and importance to the Diocese.

The Diocesan Synod informs the Deanery Synods of the policies and problems of the Diocese and of the business to be dealt with by Diocesan Synod. Through Deanery Synods, Diocesan Synod should keep itself informed of events and opinions in the parishes and to give opportunities at its meetings for the discussion of matters raised by Deanery Synods and PCCs.

Blackburn Diocesan Synod meets two or three times per year usually at a venue in Preston or Blackburn

Members of Diocesan Synod can be nominated for election to Bishop's Council and Board of Finance Directors and nominate people for sub-committees such as; Finance, Budget, Propert, Mission and Pastoral. Elections to Diocesan Boards and Committees take place in the autumn of 2018.

The 'rules' for Diocesan Synod are documented in the  Diocesan Synod Standing Orders

Elections to Diocesan Synod are held every three years and Diocesan Synod members took up office on 1 August 2018. Each deanery has a fixed number of spaces for clergy, as a proportion of each deanery's clergy membership and spaces for lay members based on the total electoral roll for the deanery.

Lay members of Diocesan Synod become 'ex-officio' members of their local Parochial Church Council (PCC).


Synod Meeting Date



Saturday 21 March at 9.30am

Thursday 16 July - evening time tbc TBC
Saturday 17 October at 9.30am TBC

Synod Minutes