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Last updated 17th May 2019

Bishop Jill

On this page you will find selected messages, talks and sermons by or from Rt Rev Dr Jill Duff, the Bishop of Lancaster. 

See elsewhere in this 'Talks, articles and sermons' section for similar material from the other Bishops and the Archdeacons of the Diocese.

Sermon for the Silver Jubilee Eucharist to celebrate the Women ordained priest in the Diocese of Blackburn in May 1994

Lecture on Declinism delivered at St Cuthbert's College

Letter to Diocese on 25 years of Women's Ministry events

Christ’s College Cambridge – Commemoration of Benefactors – 30 November 2018

  • Bishop Jill's sermon from her Installation Service at Blackburn Cathedral in July 2018 ...



  • Bishop Jill inspires pupils of her old school (Bolton School) as guest of honour at the girls' Presentation Evening, September 2018 ...


  • Bishop Jill's message to the Diocese about her hopes for the future after her announcement as the new Bishop of Lancaster, March 2018 ...