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Last updated 16th October 2018

Stewardship and legacies

Christian Stewardship is not a programme, nor is about raising money.  Instead, it is part of our lifelong discipleship journey.

Stewardship is a way of life in which we regard ourselves and our possessions as being held on trust from God, to be used in His service. God has made us His stewards or managers of everything He has given to us: our time, our abilities, our possessions, our money, our whole lives.

Stewardship for Christians is not about giving so that the church can “make ends meet” but, rather acknowledging how generously God has given to us and then generously giving back to God and seeing His church grow as it is resourced for mission and ministry.

For advice or assistance with any aspects of Stewardship or running a programme contact or call 01254 503273

Giving in Grace

Stephanie can arrange to come and meet with your PCC to talk about what Stewardship means, discuss some observations about the parish finances and giving, and give an overview of how to use the resources within the "Giving in Grace" Stewardship Programme within your parish.

The programme contains all the resources you need to plan a stewardship programme, including ideas for prayer and worship, templates for letters and supporting literature, and sermon outlines. 

Church Legacy

Legacies are a lifeline for our parishes. Church of England parishes receive over 4,000 legacies each year - gifts to finance mission projects, maintain beautiful church buildings and grow faithful communities. These gifts make a real difference to the future work of the Church - as regular giving often concentrates on maintaining the existing mission and ministry. 

A gift can be an expression of your gratitude and thanksgiving towards God, and can help keep your local church alive, and help transform its future. The Church Legacy website provides information for both PCCs and individuals including a legacy pack hat can be ordered with sample brochures and ideas.

The Parish Resouces Website has ideas and suggestions for encouraging legacies including simple trifold A4 word document that can be downloaded from the legacy page here.

Providing an explanation as to how parish share funds local ministry can be helpful in encouraing greater giving. An example template letter from the vicar and follow up commitment form can be adapted depending on your context.