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Last updated 20th February 2024

Parochial Church Council

Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) meet from time to time to discuss things to do with the church. However PCCs are charities, and their members are Charity Trustees, which brings with it some accountabilities for the members. 

The legal framework for PCC governance is in the Church Representation Rules 2022



A new recommended  PCC Code of Conduct is available to download here

Resources for PCC members

The national Parish Resources website has a section dedicated to PCCs as well as a specific page on being a trustee.  

This presentations on PCC trusteeship may be of use.

The Health and Safety Executive provide advice on the safe running of events

Archdeacons' Visitation News (2019) includes articles that are relevant to all members of the PCC, including the clergy and Churchwardens covering both practical and missional issues and opportunities. 

At a PCC training evening, a query was raised regarding employees holding a Bishop's licence and their inclusion on the PCC. Information can be found here.


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