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Last updated 15th January 2024


The Finance Team is responsible for the accounting of the two main companies in the Diocese; The Blackburn Diocesan Board of Finance (BDBF) Ltd and The Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education Ltd.

Alongside these two companies we provide accounting support to DBE Services, a trading company set up by a number of Dioceses in the north.

The Finance Department also supports the churches and communities of Blackburn Diocese.

Our main contact with parishes relates to Parish Share as we are responsible for its calculation and collection. We are also responsible for the collection of DBF fees. These areas can give rise to queries, so please feel free to get in touch. Statements of payment are sent out each quarter, plus additional ones at the end of the year to help parishes stay informed and pay in full.


  • Head of Finance and Deputy Diocesan Secretary: Ruth.McGaughey@Blackburn.Anglican.Org  01254 503075
  • Financial and Management Accountant: Kelly.Fenwick@Blackburn.Anglican.Org 01254 503073
  • Financial and Management Accountant: Mila.Farnhill@Blackburn.Anglican.Org 01254 503076
  • Senior Financial Analyst: Amanda.Tattersall@Blackburn.Anglican.Org 01254 503086
  • Financial Analyst: Lola.Aspey@Blackburn.Anglican.Org  01254 503077
  • Financial Analyst: Annette.Brown@Blackburn.Anglican.Org 01254 503087
  • Finance Officer: dbfaccounts@Blackburn.Anglican.Org 01254 503070
  • For all Parish Share enquiries, please email:
  • For all Investment enquiries, please email:

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