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Last updated 16th May 2019

Acts 435

Acts 435 is a revolutionary website sponsored by the Archbishop of York that allows people to give money directly to others. Managed through a network of churches and local charities, their goal is to get 100% of donations quickly to those in need.

When so many people need so much help, giving can sometimes feel hit and miss, and choosing between charities can be hard. Acts 435 puts people who can give in touch with people who are in need with the Church as the physical, face-to-face forum to enable virtual, online giving.

How does it work?

When someone needs to request financial help, someone in their local church can put them in touch with Acts 435.

Either the parish can collect the details on the form available here, and pass it to Bishop Jill's office ( who will  put it on the Acts 435 website; or - better still - they can arrange for an advocate from their own parish. 

There is a maximum amount that can be requested, but 98% of allrequests are met in full in 14 days. 

People in the parishes can look on the Acts 435 website if they wish to donate small amounts to any of the requests that are on there.



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