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Last updated 23rd March 2022

Ministerial Development Review (MDR)

The Annual Conversation is an opportunity to reflect on ministry and to set objectives for future life and ministry. Any training so identified has priority in funding. All clergy are encouraged to participate once a year. 

"We learn that quality of practice matters. Where it’s valued by participating clergy we see a positive impact in terms of more engaged, less burnt out clergy and reports of both spiritual and attendance growth." Ministry Development Team, Church of England


Annual Conversation with a Bishop or Archdeacon which will fulfil the requirements of MDR. The conversation will:

  • Ensure that every licensed priest/deacon has a good quality, structured conversation with a Bishop or Archdeacon about their ministry every year.
  • Enable healthy, close and prayerful pastoral relationships between clergy and their Bishops and Archdeacons
  • Ensure that clergy feel a continued sense of purpose, challenge and direction in their ministry
  • Acknowledge and praise fruitful ministry and share and address areas where there is struggle
  • Identify ongoing training needs
  • Set challenging yet achievable objectives.



Annual Conversation Form  




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