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Last updated 10th October 2018

Ministerial Development Review (MDR)

Ministerial Development Review (MDR) is an opportunity to reflect on ministry and to set objectives for future life and ministry. Any training so identified has priority in funding. All clergy are encouraged to participate at least once every two years. 

"We learn that quality of practice matters. Where it’s valued by participating clergy we see a positive impact in terms of more engaged, less burnt out clergy and reports of both spiritual and attendance growth." Ministry Development Team, Church of England

Individual clergy can organise reviews themselves, by downloading the documents below. Start by reading the simple guide, then follow the step-by-step instructions in the MDR handbook.

If this is the first time you've done MDR you might find it best to have a personal briefing. Please contact Rosie.Strachan@Blackburn.Anglican.Org for more information.

Please note that to follow GDPR guidelines, at the end of the Bishops report you will now to indidcate that you are happy for a copy to go the CMD officer.

Document Date
Simple guide to the MDR process 2018
MDR Handbook - how to go about producing your Bishop's Report 2018
Personal Preparation based on the Ordinal (Appendix 1)  
Feedback request letter (Appendix 2A)  
Feedback Guidance Booklet (Appendix 2B)  
Feedback form (Appendix 2C)  
MDR Bishop's Report (Appendix 3)   
Guide for Listener (Appendix 4)