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Last updated 2nd February 2023

Archdeacons' Annual (Deanery) Visitations

Every year parishioners elect Churchwardens to represent them and to work with their parish priest in enabling Christian mission and ministry in their parish. In June 2023, there will be seven visitations, split between each archdeaconry.  Wardens will be sworn in by the Archdeacons as officers of the Diocesan Bishop.  Details will be added to this page in the run up to the visitations.


If you cannot attend a visitation, then please let the Archdeacon's PA know.   It is important that you are sworn in by 31 August otherwise your election will not be legally confirmed. It is a requirement that wardens  be sworn in by an Archdeacon unless there are exceptional circumstances.  This year there is more flexibility and wardens could visit another Deanery Visitation  - again let the Archdeacon's PA know.

Church door notice

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Visitation venue

Visitation date

Visitation time

Blackburn Archdeaconry

Accrington will be held jointly with Blackburn with Darwen

Oswaldtwistle Immanuel

Wednesday, 14 June


Burnley and Pendle

St Anne’s Fence

Monday, 5th June


Chorley will be held jointly with Leyland

St Aidan’s Bamber Bridge

Monday, 12th June



Gt Harwood St Bartholomew

Monday, 26th June






Lancaster Archdeaconry

Preston will be held jointly with Kirkham

St Thomas, St Anne’s on Sea

Tuesday, 13 June



Blackpool will be held jointly with Poulton to serve the Fylde Coast

Bispham All Hallows

Thursday, 22 June



Lancaster and Morecambe will be held jointly with Tunstall


Morecambe Parish Church (Poulton-le-Sands Holy Trinity)

Wednesday, 28th June


Churchwardens' Briefings

The briefing for the Blackburn Archdeaconry will be held on 3rd July, details from Kelly Quinn.  The briefing for the Lancaster Archdeaconry will be confirmed shortly. Details from Gill Beeley.

Each briefing will be held by zoom, and include presentations on insurances, buildings, legals and environmental/eco issues.




Churchwardens' Yearbook 2023  is now available to order- order form in word here.

The yearbook contains a useful outline of churchwardens’ duties; recommended reading matter and websites; helpful organistions and sources of finance; contact details for key personnel in all Anglican dioceses in England, Wales and Europe; religious festivals of other faiths; Parochial Fees tables.  The diary section is detailed and guide to readings and all manner of information.  The 2022 edition (which runs to Advent) is available at a reduced rate.


The rest of this page contains all the paperwork relating to election of Churchwardens and other paperwork required to be legally compliant in the run up to the election of Churchwardens.  Please be aware that there are new Church Representation Rules effective from 2020 which impact on how PCCs and APCMs are organised, as well as the instruments.   


The Archdeacons will write to all parishes with details relating to the year end and visitations for 2023.  The APCM has to be held by the 31 May, rather than April, in line with the Church Representation Rules 2022.    It is recommended that APCMs should be held after 17 May and before 31st May, ie  as late as possible. The wardens need to be admitted by 31 August if they do not attend a visitation.


Details of the Visitations for 2023 are above..  The invitations to services this year are for churchwardens and incumbents as has become the custom.  If you cannot attend your deanery visitation and wish to attend another, please advise your Archdeacon's PA.   If you cannot attend at all, then again let us know so that arrangements can be made for your incument to swear you in. These words should be used from the service sheet, complete this declaration and send it back to Gill Beeley or Kelly Quinn.


Admission of Churchwardens (text to be revised for 2023)

Visitation services will be held in each Archdeaconry.   If you cannot attend, please advise your Archdeacon's PA so that arrangements can be made to have you admitted - see above.  Note that existing wardens' term of office continues until the new warden has been sworn in at the Visititation (Canon E1 and Churchwardens Measure  2001 61b).  For the purposes of updating the website, where we know a warden is standing down, the date they finish is 31 August.  The intention is to update this on our database as soon as possible after the date of the Visitation when we know who has been admitted to office.


If you have any questions regarding the admission of wardens, please contact gill.beeley@blackburn.anglican.org  in the first instance. 


The Notice for the Church door or noticeboard is the official Invitation from the Archdeacon to Churchwardens to attend a Visitation Service. The notice should be displayed from the first Sunday after receiving the full documentation directly from the Archdeacon until the date of the Visitation. For the notice to display in your church, please click on the deanery link above


Election of a Churchwarden

All forms relating to the election of churchwardens can be found on the Parish Resources Website.

This site also contains the forms for the election of PCC members, Deanery Synod members and administration of the electoral roll. 


Nomination as a Churchwarden

The Nomination Form for Churchwarden should be made available for anyone on the church electoral roll to nominate someone as Churchwarden. The Archdeacons do not need to see the the completed form(s); please do not send them in!  You sould note that there are strict criteria regarding becoming a warden which are detailed on the nomination form.


After election as a Churchwarden - Declaration forms ( this section will be revised as we review our processes for 2023)

After election at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM), the PCC secretary should advise Gill Beeley of the names and emails of any new wardens.  The  Churchwarden's declaration will be completed at the Visitation and handed to the area dean. We are trying to reduce the amount of printing and paper we use in line with our Environmental Policy.  We are trialling a new system which means that your details will be recorded onto the diocesan database (CMS) more efficiently.  Details will sent to you.  Alternatively, please complete this Declaration in Word and email it back to the office.   Please do not bring printed declarations to the Visitation.


Electoral Roll 

The Electoral Roll was revised in 2019.  The link to information is here.


Articles of Enquiry 

The Articles of Enquiry are now completed via the Parish Returns Online - in the same way as you would complete other returns.  There are no Articles of Enquiry this year.







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