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Last updated 26th July 2021

Archdeacons' Annual (Deanery) Visitations

Every year parishioners elect Churchwardens to represent them and to work with their parish priest in enabling Christian mission and ministry in their parish. In 2020,  wardens were sworn in by their incumbents as officers of the Diocesan Bishop, under delegated powers.  In 2021 the Visitations took place in June, when wardens were sworn in by the Archdeacons, but with more limited attendance - just incumbents and wardens.

If you were not sworn in, then please speak to your incumbent to arrange this and let the Archdeacon's PA know.


Service sheet

If you have queries, please contact 

Our Charity this year is Prison Fellowship

Lockdown has been particularly difficult in Prison because there have been no visits from family and less contact with the outside world.  The work of our Prison Chaplains has been even more important and appreciated.  In choosing this charity, we wish  to acknowledge and give thanks for the work of our Prison Chaplains.  In particular we wish to honour the memory of Rev Barry Eaton, Chaplain at Preston Prison.

Every day, our Prison Chaplains faithfully support prisoners to turn their lives around.  

Prison Fellowship is a Christian organisation, and is part of a global movement of people motivated by their faith to transform lives and communities by bringing love in action, acting with justice and showing mercy. We work with people of all faiths and no faith, and we treat every person with respect and dignity.

Prison Fellowship offers all its programmes free to prisons, and to the men and women who access our services. We firmly believe that no one should miss out on the chance to change their life.  We believe that no one is beyond hope, and that every life can be transformed. 

Ways to donate to the work of the Prison Fellowship

Go to the Prison Fellowship website

Or our Diocesan giving page

or use this QI code



Churchwardens' Briefings

The briefing for the Blackburn Archdeaconry was held on 30 June 2021 by zoom, details from Kelly Quinn.  The briefing for the Lancaster Archdeaconry will be held on 22 July 2021 at Broughton St John's. Details from Gill Beeley.





Churchwardens' Yearbook 2021 is now available at a reduced price, £7.95, details here! The 2022 Year Book is now available, and orders are being taken - order form in word here.



The rest of this page contains all the paperwork relating to election of Churchwardens and other paperwork required to be legally compliant in the run up to the election of Churchwardens.  Please be aware that there are new Church Representation Rules effective from 2020 which impact on how PCCs and APCMs are organised, as well as the instruments.   In  2021, the Visitations were held in June, dates and venues below.


The Archdeacons have written to all parishes with details relating to the year end and visitations for 2021.  They will be held in June rather than May in 2021. It is hoped that the usual pattern can be reinstated, noting that the APCM has to be held by the 31 May, rather than April, in line with the Church Representation Rules 2020.    It is recommended that APCMs should be held after 17 May and before 31st May, ie  as late as possible.   Further advice will be provided as necessary.  


Letter of thanks to churchwardens from the Archdeacons is here

A letter regarding the Visitations from the Archdeacons is here

Admission of Churchwardens

It is intended to hold the Visitation services for each deanery as listed below.  We are however limiting numbers, to wardens and incumbents.  Sidespeople and PCC members should not attend. 


If you have any questions regarding the admission of wardens, please contact  in the first instance.



The Notice for the Church door or noticeboard is the official Invitation from the Archdeacon to Churchwardens to attend a Visitation Service. The notice should be displayed from the first Sunday after receiving the full documentation directly from the Archdeacon until the date of the Visitation. For the notice to display in your church, please click on the link below. 


Church door notice

(click on name for link to document - this to be uploaded in due course)

Visitation venue

Visitation date

Visitation time

Blackburn Archdeaconry



Blackburn with Darwen


Baxenden St John


St Bartholomew, Ewood

Monday, 7 June


Thursday, 10 June




Burnley and Pendle


Barrowford St Thomas

Wednesday, 23 June




Chorley St George’s

Monday, 14 June




Leyland St Andrew's

Monday, 21 June



Clitheroe St James

Thursday, 17 June


Lancaster Archdeaconry 


Preston All Saints

 Tuesday, 22 June



Kirkham and Poulton

St Anne's St Anne's

 Tuesday, 15 June           




St Helen's Churchtown

Wednesday, 9 June               



Lancaster and Morecambe and Tunstall

Morecambe Parish Church

 Tuesday, 8 June



Layton St Mark

   Monday, 28 June          




Election of a Churchwarden

All forms relating to the election of churchwardens can be found on the Parish Resources Website.

This site also contains the forms for the election of PCC members, Deanery Synod members and administration of the electoral roll. 


Nomination as a Churchwarden

The Nomination Form for Churchwarden should be made available for anyone on the church electoral roll to nominate someone as Churchwarden. The Archdeacons do not need to see the the completed form(s); please do not send them in!


After election as a Churchwarden - Declaration forms

After election at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM), a Churchwarden should complete the Churchwarden's declaration. Declaration in Word.  Please email this back to the office.  We are trying to reduce the amount of printing and paper we use in line with our Environmental Policy.  We are not using SurveyMonkey this year to allow you to enter your details.


Electoral Roll 

The Electoral Roll was revised in 2019.  The link to information is here.


The latest edition (2020) of the Archdeacons' Visitations News is here


Articles of Enquiry 

The Articles of Enquiry are now completed via the Parish Returns Online - in the same way as you would complete other returns.  It is not intended to request completion of Articles in 2021.







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