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Last updated 15th March 2024

What is God's plan for you?

Everyone is called by God to serve Him in some way, we call this your vocation.  Vocation simply means what you are called by God to be and do.  For some, this is a specific calling to ministry. For others, it could mean serving God through faithful discipleship in everyday life. Everyone has a vocation. What's yours?


Discovering what God has called you to be and do:

Finding out wat God is calling you to is a conversation that usually starts with your parish Priest and there are also lots of ways that we can support you in the on-going conversation and discernment.  You should find all you need in this section of the website along with some videos of others who have asked what God wants for them and you will see that no two journeys are the same.

God may call us to different things at different times in our lives. He may call us out for his purpose to:

  • work in a job that enables you to serve others for Jesus' sake  eg Jonathan English talks about being a maths teacher at a high school 
  • to work or volunteer for an organisation that works for the benefit of our community, eg Dan Bishop talks about being a Christian Youth Worker at a high school as well as being active in our local church. 


Within the Church of England setting there are many opportunities to use your gifts in formal ministry following training and licensing as a:

  • paid/unpaid deacons/priests serving in a parish 
  • paid/unpaid chaplains (lay or ordained) serving in settings such as a prison, hospital, university or the armed forces 
  • Pioneer Ministers (lay or ordained) serving in non-traditional settings 
  • Church Army worker serving in a parish or project setting
  • Reader

There are many opportunities for informal ministry including:

  • Occasional preacher
  • Leading worship
  • Pastoral care
  • Spiritual direction
  • Children, family and youth work
  • Involvement with Fresh Expressions of church
  • Parish administration and governance
  • And many other roles, ask your parish priest

If you are interested in taking your calling to ordained or licensed ministry further, please would you (and your vicar) read the 'discernment process' guide and complete the candidate's form. Your vicar should also complete the incumbent's referral form.

Alternatively please email our Director of Ministry (Anne Beverley) to arrange an informal conversation. 

The following website might also be of help:

UKME Vocations

We value the opportunity to reflect the diverse population in Lancashire and if you would like to know more about how we are championing UKME vocations or for support please click here.