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Last updated 19th June 2017

Open Churches toolkit

Why open up your church?

A locked door is a universal symbol of exclusion. An open church expresses God’s welcome, His presence, His creativity, His justice, His healing and His forgiveness

Allowing friends and strangers to enter your building freely is a simple but always effective act of hospitality. It can become an integral part of your mission/vision action plan.

By being open, church buildings provide a sacred space where, even if there isn’t a service on, people can come and encounter God. Whether in a busy, noisy urban area or remote rural village they are places for private prayer and quiet reflection. In a world where loneliness and alienation are keenly felt, they are there for everyone and there for free.

Most of Lancashire’s churches are treasure houses, an amazing wealth of architecture, history and craftsmanship, built and maintained by the people for the people. They deserve to be seen. Just a few minutes grabbed during a busy day in a beautiful, calm interior can provide inspiration and succour that last far longer.

Parts of Lancashire are home to many faith groups yet, while often curious about what goes on inside its buildings, people from outside the Church of England may be reticent about stepping inside. By extending a welcome to those of all faiths and none, churches have a unique opportunity to foster social cohesion.


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