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Last updated 15th September 2022


In the wider charitable sector, new forms of giving are growing fast. This is particularly true amongst younger givers, but many older givers give through digital giving portals and many individuals and organisations use sites like, JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving to receive donations. 

SumUp/Givealittle now provide a simple way for churches to set up online giving that is simple to set up and to use.  You can find out more about setting up online giving for your church using Sumup/Givealittle here or contact

Giving online enables you to:

  • give without needing cash
  • give online without needing access to online banking - you only need a debit or credit card
  • If you are a taxpayer you can also make a gift aid declaration at the same time
  • give before or after an event if it wasn't convenient at the time

To give to any of the following funds, please click the appropriate 'Donate here' button.   

Bishop’s Ordination Fund

As part of Vision 2026 we are committed to growing vocations and increasing the number of ordinands and curates in training.  The Bishop’s Ordination Fund helps to fund the grants made to assist with living and removal cost of those in training. 

You can donate to the Bishop’s Ordination Fund here or by clicking the purple ‘Donate here’ button.

Diocese Harvest Appeal

Each year the diocese nominates specific charities to receive the proceeds of the Harvest Appeal. 

You can donate to this here or by clicking the green ‘Donate here’ button..


Parish Vision Fund

The Parish Vision Fund is able to make grants to parishes to help with work that is furthering Vision 2026.  You can find more information about the Parish Vision Fund as well as application forms for parishes requiring assistance here.

You can donate to support the work of the Parish Vision Fund here or by clicking the blue ‘Donate here’ button.


Visitation charities

Each year the Archdeacons nominate specific charities to receive the offerings at the Annual Visitation Services.  Details of the charities for thsi will be added when these are announced.

You can donate to support the Vistation Charities here or by clicking the gold ‘Donate here’ button.




If you would like help to set up an online giving page for your own church to add to your own website, please get in touch with Stephanie Rankin 

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