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Last updated 17th August 2018

Transforming Communities - social justice

As Christians we follow Jesus who said "As the Father has sent me, so I send you." (John 20.21). We are called to serve God's mission by living and proclaiming the good news.
"It's not the church of God that has a mission, but the God of mission who has a church".

For Anglican Christians God's mission is about transformation - transforming individual lives, transforming communities and transforming the world. As we follow Jesus Christ, we believe that God's mission is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit in three ways:

  • through the Bible
  • through the tradition and life of the Church
  • through our own listening, praying, thinking and sharing as we respond to our own context.

A man asked The Archbishop of York: "What do you think of the Big Society?" So he told him: "The Big Society? The church has been doing it for over 2000 years!"

There is nothing new in a set of Government policies that looks to encourage individuals and voluntary groups to be enabled, to be engaged within our community, to care for one another.

The Church of England knows all about volunteering. More people do unpaid work for church groups than any other organisation. Churchgoers contribute 23.2 million hours voluntary service each month in their local communities.

The Church of England alone provides activities outside church worship in the local community for over half a million children and young people aged under 16 years, and 38,000 young people aged 16 to 25 years. 

Together Lancashire provides advice to our churches about working 'for the common good' in their communities.

For more information please contact our Lead Officer - Social Responsibility