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Last updated 8th December 2023

Bible study

Knowing the Scriptures better

Knowing the Scriptures better and equipping confident Christian Disciples is one of the four focuses of the ‘Making Disciples’ area of Vision 2026.

The bible is one of the most influential books in human history; it is quoted in books, films and pop songs; it covers all of human life, good and bad, and shows us what God is like. It can give us insights into what it means to live well and how to deal with difficulties. And it includes beautiful poetry and amazing stories. The bible has inspired many people to do amazing things, and also confused many others. So what is the bible actually? This short animated video by the Bible Project can help us to explore the origins, content and purpose of the bible: What Is the Bible? (

To get the most out of reading the Bible, don't treat it like a textbook, but let it touch your emotions and affect how you live your life. You might find it helpful to meet with other people to discuss what the Bible is saying to you and the impact that has on your everyday life. Bible scholar Paula Gooder says:

'We all bring our own experiences to the Bible so it's really helpful to read the Bible with other people. You'll gain other people's perspective on what they think the Bible says

Listed below is a list of some helpful books, apps and online resources that can help you in understand what we're reading in the bible.

Seasonal Devotionals 

Every year, the Diocese produces daily devotional resources for the seasons of Lent and Advent, containing reflections on a book of the bible from clergy and laity around the Diocese. The devotionals are available as printed booklets, a downloadable PDF and as daily emails. The daily readings will also be posted to the Diocese of  Blackburn's Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Advent 2023 'Revealing Jesus' - a journey through the book of Revelation can be viewed and downloaded here

To find previous seasonal devotionals, please click here

Helpful Books, Apps and Online Resources

As well as our seasonal resources, we have complied a list of some helpful books, apps and online resources that help you understand what we’re reading in the bible.

Download it here: Personal Bible Study with links

Print version available here:  Personal Bible Study printable version

List of Personal bible Study resources

Some ideas for Bible study in groups

'Whatever version (of the Bible) you are reading it is wonderful to learn more about God. Keep reading and keep learning - and then tell other people about it!' - Archbishop John Sentamu 


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