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Last updated 1st February 2021

Seasonal Resources

Lent 2021

Read Mark and Learn

Written by clergy and lay-people from across the Diocese, we travel through Lent with Mark's Gospel.

After the success of the Advent Devotional where 5000 copies were distributed across the Diocese, we are launching a similar resource to take us through Lent entitled ‘Read, Mark, and Learn’. Our focus this time will be on Mark’s Gospel and will take in every verse, with contributions from both clergy and lay-people.

With the drama of the narrative, brought to life so powerfully by the
‘Mark Drama’ staged in the Cathedral a year ago, highly selective in
the events he leaves out, Mark gives us vivid details about the events
he does include, details left out by Matthew and Luke.

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Advent 2020

A Child Shall Lead Them

“The celebration of advent is possible only to those who are troubled in soul, who know themselves to be poor and imperfect, and who look forward to something greater to come.”

Dietrick Bonhoeffer

Whatever we make of Bonhoeffer’s statement, without a doubt, 2020 has left pretty much all of us longing for better times ahead. Now we may be thinking of a post-COVID day, but that day (wonderful as it will be) pales in comparison to the ‘something greater’ that the Bible refers to.

‘A Child Shall Lead Them’ is our new Diocesan Advent daily readings resource, which explores the season through the eyes of Isaiah, writing to the people of Israel who for many years had been in forced exile from their homeland. In his prophecy, at last, Isaiah brings a word of hope to this despondent and disheartened people. It’s a promise of God’s servant who will come to bring justice to the world, and into the darkness of exile, light.

Our prayer this advent is that amidst the challenges we face, we too would know the certainty of God’s promise fulfilled in Jesus, the Messiah, and respond to His call to be those hope-filled people, who will bring light and life to a hurting world – that we would be led by the Christ-child as we prepare for His coming.

Click here to read/download the booklet


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