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Last updated 5th May 2021

Inspiring Children and Young People

This fourth strand of Vision 2026 is led by the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) and seeks to both inspire children and young people to be avid followers of Christ and to be inspired by them as they develop as disciples, witnesses and leaders. The work of the DBE includes engaging with church schools, children’s and young people’s work in churches and in chaplaincy at schools and universities.

Our Vision is to see children and young people transforming the world through the love of Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our Mission is to help build worshipping, discipling and prayerful children and young people that love Jesus and want to follow Him, and who live out their faith in communities, in friendships and in families.

The ‘Inspiring Children and Young People’ Vision 2026 theme has the following priorities:

  • Nurturing Children and Young People in their Faith and Supporting them as Disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Holding Regular Worship that is Accessible and Appealing to Children, Young People and their Families.
  • Enabling Growth in the Numbers of Leaders of Children and Young People
  • Pursuing a Step Change in work with those aged 11-16
  • Facilitating Effective Partnerships between Churches and Local Schools

Much more detail is available here and via the DBE webpages via the links below where you can discover more about work with schools, children and young people in our parishes.

Click anywhere on the image above to visit the Diocesan Board of Education's website to find all the information you need to know about schools, children and youth PLUS you will find amazing resources in the Resource Area. 



Vision 2026

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