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Last updated 22nd January 2024

Writing press releases: Guidance and template releases

Click WRITING NEWS STORIES/PRESS RELEASES for advice from Diocesan Communications Manager Ronnie Semley, on writing news stories or press releases; taking pictures and conducting interviews. 

And see other pages in the Communications Resources section of this website for additional helpful information and guides to effective communication for your parish or school.

In addition this page on the PR Fire website provides an excellent summary of the key elements that go together to make a good press release. 

Also on this page you will find template press releases for parishes on topics that come up regularly, including the induction of a new vicar. Using these templates will make is more likely you will secure media coverage for your local news and events, but please remember there is no guarantee!

That's because each media outlet's newsdesk will decide what merits an appearance depending on a number of factors, including what is happening at the time. But the better written and presented your information is, the more likely it is that they will engage with it. 

Further information follows, including the templates themselves; plus more guidance on writing effective press releases. 


Download the template you want from below and complete it (you will find prompts and instructions within the template itself marked in red). Once completed return everything to black text and and then send it to your local media outlet(s).

Of course, once completed you also have a 'ready-to-go' story for use in your local communications channels, such as parish magazines and parish websites. 

These templates have been used by people in many parishes who have been really pleased with the results, including St Anne Fence and St John's Higham. After they had an Induction Service for their new Vicar, Churchwarden Simon Parker said:

"We wanted to publicise our new Vicar's arrival and were pointed to the diocesan templates for press releases, in particular a template that deals with Institution and Induction services. The template was easy to copy and adapt and we were able to prepare our press release with the minimum of fuss. It's good to know that the Diocesan Communications Manager has shaped the press release so it is more likely to be accepted by the media for publication as a result. I can recommend other parishes to use these templates for themselves." 

With each template below there is also an example completed release to give further guidance when preparing your own version ...








Ronnie Semley, page updated periodically; last in January 2024


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