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Last updated 12th December 2018

Template press releases

On this page you will find a selection of template press releases on topics that come up regularly - such as the induction of a new vicar or a confirmation service.

Uusing these templates should better help to secure media coverage for your local news and events, but please remember there is no guarantee!

Each media outlet's newsdesk will decide what merits an appearance, but the better written and presented your information is, the more likely it is that they will engage with it. 

Download the template you want from the list below and complete it (you will find prompts and instructions within the template itself marked in red). Once completed return everything to black text and and then send it to your local media outlet(s).

With each template there is also an example completed release for further guidance, plus ...

WRITING NEWS STORIES/PRESS RELEASES: For further advice on writing news stories or press releases; taking pictures and conducting interviews 

See other pages in the Communications Resources section for additional helpful information and guides to effective communication for your parish or school.