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Last updated 11th August 2022

Generosity Week

Generosity week - Discover the joys of generosityWhat is Generosity Week?

Generosity is at the heart of our faith. We believe in a generous God and our own generosity is a testament and hallmark of our faith in action. Every day we see generosity in our churches and Christian communities, reflecting the generous God we believe in.

Generosity Week is an opportunity to celebrate the generosity that has helped us through these difficult times, reflect on God’s generosity to us and explore how we can grow generosity in our churches. It starts with a Sunday focussed on the theme of 'generosity' and ends with a Sunday looking at 'gratitude'.

The Church of England will be running a national online Eucharist to celebrate generosity on Sunday 25 September 2022.

Generosity Week can happen at any time in the year, but it can be scheduled to coincide with your Harvest Festival celebrations, between August and October.

National Resources

The Church of England has produced a number of resources to help you, which you can access here. They have produced a walkthrough of the resources available on that page, organised into five stages, which is linked here.

Resources include...

  • Link to a webinar that you can watch at your own covenience about how to organise your own Generosity Week events
  • Daily morning prayers for use during your Generosity Week
  • Materials for Sunday Services - one focussing on grace and another on gratitude
  • Resources for engaging with young people
  • Ideas for celebrating geneosity with the wider community
  • Marketing resources
  • Podcasts and reflections which include a daily podcast together with a reflection and activity
  • A session on exploring the material and spiritual legacy we have received and our role in passing that to future generations
  • The National Giving Team will be offering a newsletter for a limited time only to help you get ready for Generosity Week 2022. It's very short, and if you sign up here, you'll receive it every Wednesday until the end of September ... and then it will stop!

Blackburn Diocesan Resources

If you wish to combine Generosity Week with an opportunity for people to review their giving, we have created some additional editable resources which you can download, adapt and use:

Generosity week daily emails from 25th September - 2nd October 2022

If you would like to sign up to receive the daily podcast together with the reflection and activity, please use the link here where you will also see the option to sign up for our Blackburn Diocesan Daily Prayer email.


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