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Last updated 16th May 2019

Emergency response and planning

On behalf of the Faith Communties throughout the area we co-ordinate the Faith Response to emergencies which have an impact on people.

There are many different ways in which assistance is given, and different places in which it is delivered.

Clergy and other staff are deployed, when requested , to provide Faith Support in:

  • Rest Centres (when evacuation of areas is required);
  • Survivor Centres (following a traumatic event resulting in casualties
  • Family and Friends Centres (whilst they await news or access following an incident)
  • Humanitarian assistance Centres (for longer term recovery)
  • Family Support Teams (Hospitals)

Guidance is available for all types of emergencies from Lancashire Resilience Forum (LRF) who are also interested in setting up small local resilience groups. 

Training is given to all who undertake this type of work. Please contact the Archdeacon of Lancaster's office for more information, or if you would like to volunteer