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Last updated 12th April 2024

Being Witnesses to Jesus Christ

Authentic witnesses are men, women, teenagers and children whose hearts are on fire for Jesus.

They spend time in prayer in the secret place seeking the heart of God, so in turn their hearts burn in the same way as Christ for missing/lost sons and daughters.

They naturally share their faith in word and actions in their spheres of influence to reach every dimension of society: church, family, schools/universities, economy, government and law, media, celebration (arts and sports) and much more.

They are motivated to build communities around the risen Jesus, which offer a foretaste of His heavenly banquet in word and sacrament, enabling people to hear about the wonders of God in their own language.

The ‘Being Witnesses’ Vision 2026 theme has the following priorities:

Much more detail is available in the 2021-24 Vision Update Implementation Plan which can be found here.



Last updated August 2023, Ronnie Semley


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