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Last updated 2nd February 2023

Confirmation service

Between 750 and 1,000 people are confirmed in our diocese each year making us one of the top 3 dioceses for confirmations in the whole of The Church of England

This page contains information for clergy and parishes hosting a confirmation service and/or clergy/parishes that have confirmation candidates.

It includes information that needs to be sent to the confirming Bishop, ideally, at least three weeks before the service; dates of services taking place around the Diocese and information about promoting your service to the local media. 

General documentation

Confirmation info letter from Bishop Philip to Parishes

Questionnaire (PDF) for parish hosting the service, also [Word document version]

Register of confirmation form (PDF) to be completed by each parish with a candidate at a service and [Word document version]

Order of Service Templates

Bishop Philip order of service / Bishop Philip order of service (Eucharist)

Bishop Jill order of service

Promoting your Confirmation Service

Each Confirmation Service - large or small - makes a great local news story and showcases our work to make disciples and to be healthy churches, in line with Vision 2026. 

Diocesan Communications Manager Ronnie Semley has produced a series of press release templates for use by parishes and for a variety of situations - including Confirmation Services.

These templates have been used by many parishes already with great results. Visit the templates page on this website for more information, guidance and testimonials. 

Once completed and a picture is added, your press release can be sent to your local newspaper/blog site etc and also forwarded to communicate@blackburn.anglican.org for inclusion on this website. 

Dates for Confirmation Services Around the Dicoese

Here are all of the scheduled confirmation services for 2023.

2023 Confirmation dates and times by Deanery

Parishes have recently been sent a letter from the Bishop's Chaplain requesting services for 2023.

... and finally

You might also be interested in the admission to communion before confirmation policy. 




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