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Last updated 3rd December 2018

Confirmation service

Between 750 and 1,000 people are confirmed in our diocese each year. This page contains information for clergy/parishes hosting a confirmation service and/or have confirmation candidates, including information that needs to be sent to the confirming bishop, ideally, at least three weeks before the service. 


Questionnaire(PDF) for parish hosting the service [Word document version]

Register of confirmation form (PDF) to be completed by each parish with a candidate at a service [Word document version]

NB Please ask all candidates to write to the confirming Bishop saying why they wish to be confirmed and send to him in advance of the Confirmation.

Dates of Confirmation services

Confirmation service dates 2017 (by deanery)

Confirmation service dates 2018 (by deanery)

Confirmation service dates 2019 (by deanery)

Confirmation service dates 2019 (by date)


Bishop Julian Service Proforma

If the Confirmation Service is being led by Bishop Julian, please use this Service Proforma

Bishop Julian Confirmation Service Proforma


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