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Last updated 20th February 2023

Parish Safeguarding DBS/training People Manager on-line tool

DBS/safeguarding training records on-line tool for parishes

All parishes that have achieved at least Level 1 (ie answered at least one question) on the on-line parish safeguarding dashboard on-line toolkit will get access to this new and helpful functionality for PSOs/PCCs and incumbents. 

People Manager

People Manager keeps track of ongoing safeguarding requirements and automatically sends reminders. It helps a parish to meet the national mandatory safeguarding requirements by:

  • Keeping track of DBS renewals
  • Keeping track of safeguarding training
  • Keeping track of ongoing supervision
  • Sending reminders to the relevant people when any of the above are due

An overview page shows the parish safeguarding hub owner (Parish Safeguarding Officer or incumbent) the current status of volunteers and any employed staff:

  • Green lights where no action is needed
  • Amber lights where DBS checks or safeguarding training will soon expire, or supervision is overdue
  • Red lights where DBS checks or safeguarding training has already expired

The People Manager is also linked to the relevant lights in Safeguarding Dashboards. It means that a red light in the People Manager will automatically trigger a red light on the appropriate dashboard.

The People Manager automatically sends an email reminder to a church volunteer:

  • Eight weeks before their DBS check expires
  • Eight weeks before any safeguarding training expires If no action is taken, a further reminder is sent two weeks before the expiry date — and a final reminder on the day of expiry.

The Responsible Person can choose to receive a copy of some or all of these reminders. They can also request a Safeguarding Reminder Log that lists any reminders that are still outstanding.

Video guide to using the hub

A brief introductory video about the functionality of the People Manager tool can be found here: Safeguarding Dashboards | Safeguarding Hubs - Stage 1

Please contact if you have any questions about, or would like training on, the People Manager tool. 

10% of parishes were actively using the hub on 20th February 2023