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Last updated 7th May 2019

Bishop Philip

Bishop Philip has been the suffragan Bishop of Burnley since 2015. On this page you will find a selection of Bishop Philip's talks and articles, which will be added to over time.


Talk at Westminster Walsingham Festival

Talk to Anglican Essentials on Mission and the Sacraments

Thy Kingdom Come 2018 (Article for The See magazine)

Holy Land Reflection 

Ministry of Sport Conference

Three Festivals; one God

A Spirituality of Mission: The Way of St Vincent de Paul

Catholic Evangelism for Anglican Catholic Future Festival (ACF)

St Hilda of Hartlepool. An address to the Priests and Deacons Retreat to Walsingham.


Thought for the Day   Bishop Philip occasionally contributes to BBC Radio 4's Thought for the Day.  You can listen to those contributions here



Estates Churches

General Synod - February 2019 - Estates Evangelism Speech

Talk to Southwell and Notts Estates Conference - Oct 2016

Hope for the Poor - New Wine United 2017


Image change is not enough

Article in The See magazine - April 2016