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Last updated 20th June 2017

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a method whereby you can give a sum of money and the church can reclaim from HM Revenue and Customs the basic rate of tax on the donation. It provides a great opportunity for donors to increase the value of their donations to their church by 25%. For example, for every £100 given through Gift Aid this increases in value to £125.

Subject to a few simple rules, donors can give any amount, large or small, regularly or one-off and tax can be reclaimed. Everyone who pays tax on any income, whether that is through savings, dividends or capital gains can use the Gift Aid facility.

To Gift Aid a donation requires the donor to complete a simple form providing a name, address and confirmation that he or she is a tax payer. That’s it! The church will reclaim the amount from HM Revenue and Customs

More information about claiming Gift Aid for your parish can be found on the Parish Resources website or by contacting

Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme

The Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) allows parishes to claim a Gift-Aid style repayment to be received on small cash and contactless donations of £20 or less up to a threshold of £8,000 of donated income per tax year per church. (The £8,000 threshold applies from the 2016/17 tax year – the limit for prior years was £5,000).

There are two different elements to the scheme:

  • PCC with a single church
  • PCc with more than one church

There is further guidance about the process to use for either of the scenarios above on the Parish Resources website.




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