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Last updated 1st December 2017

Treasurers' advice

Training for Treasurers, Gift Aid Secrretaries, other PCC members took place on 11th November and 18th November 2017, with 80 peolpe attending.  

Whether or not you were able to attend one of these days, you can access resources from the training events from the link here.

The following websites provide helpful advice for PCC treasurers.

Parish Resources provided by the Church of England’s National Stewardship and Resources team and offering over 400 pages of resources to support all aspects of stewardship, administration and management in the local church. The section on Finance gives much practical advice to treasurers and PCCs, including the treasurer’s role, financial controls, accounting and reporting, gift aid and funding. In particular, see:

You may also find the following links helpful:

Please also look at the other Resources: Parish Finances pages on this site.

The excel template that can be used when preparing your receipts and payments accounts can be downloaded here