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Last updated 5th June 2018

Church growth factors

Some Church of England research called 'From Anecdote to Evidence' concluded that the following were the common ingredients strongly associated with growth in churches of any size, place or context:

  • Leadership (clergy and lay) who have a joint willingness to change and adapt according to context
  • A clear mission and purpose for prioritising growth- shared by the majority of the congregation
  • Actively engaging with those who might not usually go to church - including children and teenagers
  • Good welcome AND follow up for visitors 
  • Commitment to nurturing new and existing Christians - especially through lay-led mid-week groups
  • Willingness of leaders and the congregation to self-reflect and continually learn

The road to growth depends on the context, and what works in one place may not work in another; churches cannot soar on autopilot. Growth is a product of good leadership (lay and ordained) working with a willing set of churchgoers in a favourable environment'         Professor David Voas - Data Analysis and Church Profiling strand

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