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13th July 2017

Plans for successor to Bishop Geoff

An announcement has been made today by Diocesan Bishop, Rt Rev Julian Henderson, to parishes and schools across the Diocese about the appointment of a replacement for Bishop Geoff after he formally retires at the end of July.

Writing to the Diocese the Bishop says ...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am delighted to report that I have been given permission by the Dioceses' Commission to appoint a new Bishop to the See of Lancaster. 

This is excellent news and I am very grateful to all who have helped in the process.  An Advisory Group were an excellent sounding board.

Consultation also took place with the Bishop's Leadership Team; in Deaneries via Area Deans; with the Diocesan Synod and with the Bishop's Council to agree the case to be put to the Commission alongside a job description.

The plan now is to move to an appointment in the autumn, with an advertisement in September requesting interest in the vacancy through to interviews at the end of November.

Please make this a matter for your prayers, that we will be guided by the Holy Spirit to appoint the person who is being called to take on this significant responsibility. 

To serve as a Bishop in the Church of God is a call to be a leader of God's people, to belong to the wider Diocesan leadership team and to engage with the many opportunities for making disciples, being witnesses and growing leaders.

In 2017 we are at a crucial time in implementing Vision 2026 and we pray for a Bishop who will strengthen our hand in delivering that Vision for the people of Lancashire.