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Last updated 24th September 2021

Diocesan Identity Badges

Identity Badges for Parish Officers

Smaller identity badge orders are available from the Diocesan Offices at a cost £3 plus VAT. Should a lanyard be required, there is an additional charge of £1 plus VAT.

Badges can be issued to:

  • All who hold the Bishop’s Licence, eg:
    • Clergy
    • Licensed Readers
    • Clergy with Permission to Officiate
    • Clergy with General Licence
  • Pastoral Assistants
  • Any other person, at parish, deanery or diocesan level who carries out pastoral visits
  • Employed and volunteer parish staff, for example:
    • Parish Administrators
    • Youth/family and children’s workers
    • Community workers

Badges will be issued for a maximum of three years and must be surrendered when a role ceases, as follows:

  • Clergy; badge to be handed to the Bishop conducting the exit interview, who will return it for destruction to the Head of Support Services in the Diocesan Offices
  • Parish Representatives: On ceasing a role, badges to be surrendered to the incumbent/priest-in-charge of the benefice concerned, or a warden in a vacant parish. The badge should be returned for destruction and updating of records to the Head of Support Services in the Diocesan Offices

Procedure for obtaining badges

  • Clergy: written application together with a recent, good quality photo to be submitted to the following e-mail address:  The badge will contain the name of the person and the parish, or benefice. It is also possible to include the parish logo if requested
  • Other parish representatives: requests in writing from the incumbent/priest-in-charge and submitted electronically, to the above e-mail address, advising of the role and including a photo of the individual who requires a badge

In all cases, if not already submitted, a Data Protection form must also be completed to enable us to store personal contact data in the Diocesan Contact Management System.

Out of date badges

All badges to be returned for destruction to the Diocesan Offices within a fortnight of the badge expiry date, or the holder leaving their role. Should a new badge be required for a member of clergy or parish representative, a new written application and current photograph are required

Badge holders’ personal data

In the case of clergy and parish representatives, for data protection purposes, when a badge has been issued, all personal information will be deleted from the badge making programme.  Therefore, if a replacement badge is required, a new photograph and completed application are required

Personal data, including the date on which the badge is issued and its expiry date, will be held in the Diocesan Contact Management System for record keeping purposes



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