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Last updated 2nd November 2022

Discipleship and generosity; advice and resources


Generosity is a spiritual gift.

We must encourage people to seek this gift as they grow in their faith.

As we grow, we untangle our complicated relationship with money and begin to realize that what we have is what God has given to us.

So, rather than what money of mine will I give to God we begin to ask ourselves, how much of God’s money do I keep back for myself?

Everyone learns in different ways and so it is important to have access to as many different resources as possible. This page features a selection to choose from ... 

Preaching resources

Preaching and teaching can be some of our main sources of information in the church.

We have so many useful resources available to help design sermons on generosity to inspire a wealth and breadth of different traditions and contexts. Remember discernment and sensitivity is key.

For help with preaching resources click here.  

Group study resources

We are called to be in fellowship with one another and group studies can have a phenomenal impact on inspiring a generous culture in your church.

If you would like to explore the group study materials The Church of England have to offer click here.  


Maybe you want to take a more focused approach to Stewardship and generosity.

Why not try taking your leadership team or small group on retreat, to escape from distraction and really contemplate what stewardship and generosity mean to you, your church and your community.

Our own Whalley Abbey (pictured) offers great opportunities for our parishes to go on retreat.

Click here to find out more about the Abbey and for more information on retreats available through the wider Church of England, click here. 

Individual study resources

Not everyone learns well in a group, or maybe you have people in your congregation who take a great ownership of their faith and seek to learn independently and at their own pace. There are many wonderful materials that can be offered for individual study into generosity and stewardship available here.  

Activating generosity

Generosity isn’t something that just happens.

To create a generous culture in our churches we must provide people with opportunities to be generous. There are so many different ways to be generous! Different churches do things in different ways.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking ...

Generosity Week: Have you ever run a generosity week at your church? Just because the national church has a set week doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same.

If you’ve missed generosity week or think it would work better at a different time of year then go for it! Eight days dedicated to learning, praying and encouraging generosity in your church. For more materials and Inspiration on running your own Generosity Week click here.  

Generous harvest: What if you could raise enough money in 11 months to cover all your church’s practical, missional and ministry costs for the year? Would that allow you to be generous to your local community with what came in on the twelfth month? A generous harvest is a way of giving generosity visibility in your church, by setting an example to others.  A generous harvest is a great form of witness, showing the churches love and faith within their community.  

One percent more: Why not encourage people to pray and consider planning their giving and even challenging them to increase their giving by 1% of their net income each year? The most important part of 1% more is reminding people that their giving must be thought out, prayed on and given within their means. The most important part of giving is that it is given joyfully.  

Boomerang offertory: Have you ever tried activating generosity in your church by physically placing the money in their hands yourself? Sounds radical doesn’t it. Sometimes the best way to get people thinking about giving is to get them doing. A boomerang offertory is where you divide up the offering and place an equal amount into envelopes for each member of the congregation. At the end of the service, place an envelope into everyone’s hands and ask them to give it away to someone they feel needs it most. Sometimes the best witness is to allow someone to be a blessing to others.  

Charitable giving by churches: Lots of churches give to charities both at home and abroad. Having a longstanding relationship with a  mission partner can be vital in cultivating a generous community. If you are not already giving to a charity, click here for more information on how to do this ethically and legally.  






Ronnie Semley, November 2 and regularly updated