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The Bishops and Archdeacons will be leading the latest annual Clergy Study Days in early 2019, on the theme of stewardship aand teaching whole-life discipleship. 

They take place across the Diocese on five dates in January and February. The event in Whalley Abbey in 2017 is pictured getting underway at the right. 

Our focus on discipleship will also link with the Church of England’s work on ‘Setting God’s People Free’, which is about equipping church members to live out their faith confidently in daily life.

If attending the Clergy Study Days participants should book on for catering purposes. Details follow. 

Clergy Study Days.

Booking details (all take place from 9am – 2pm)

If you need help in booking, please contact Siobhan Trickett, Administrator of the Making Disciples Team on 01254 503272