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2nd October 2018

Bishop Jill speaks on BBC local radio about new survey on miracles

The Bishop of Lancaster, Rt Rev. Dr Jill Duff Radio took part in further coverage at the weekend in connection with news stories about a survey on miracles commissioned by the BBC.

The survey shows that three in five UK adults say they believe some form of miracle is possible.  It was conducted for the BBC by ComRes

Nearly half of those questioned in the survey admitted to praying for a miracle at some time.

Bishop Jill did rolling interviews across the entire BBC local radio network - incouding our own BBC Radio Lancashire. 

In response to a challenge during one interview that miracles were just coincidences, Bishop Jill commented: "Archbishop William Temple said when I pray coincidences happen, and when I don't, they don't.

"The data in this survey shows a lot of people believe that miracles happen, including seven our of 10 people in the 18-24 age bracket.

"The Christian faith is based on the all time great miracle - that God brought Jesus back from the dead and that shifts the whole of the universe in my view. 

"I have seen miracles, including one where someone had their sight restored (and) as a Christian I believe that Jesus is alive and is still able to act in our world and loves to act in our world."

Listen to a selection of the interviews by clicking the BBC IPlayer links below: 

BBC Radio Lancashire (from 1h 09m 25s)

(rest of the links below have the time of the interview at the end of the link)

BBC Gloucestershire

BBC Solent

BBC Radio Oxford

BBC Radio Manchester