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An online community friendship club for senior citizens in Lancashire and Cumbria has been going from strength to strength during lockdown. 

The 'Senior Community Friendship Club' is coordinated by a group of Christian volunteers led by Tricia Calway, Joint Chair of Churches Together in Grange and District. 

Tricia writes ... 

With our fun, entertaining website for senior folks ( hope to raise a smile and provoke happy memories.

We are an online Friendship Club, started in 2016 and covering Lancashire and Cumbria. Our aim is to keep a smile on everyone’s faces!

The website is especially designed to entertain independent senior folks and folks in our care homes. 

You will find lots of exciting fun things to see, watch and hear. Tap on a button, and engage with writing and videos covering topics like: Make you smile, Generation gap, Interesting viewing, Inspiring thoughts, Jokes for a laugh, Uplifting hymns, Your Photo shoots, Favourite songs, Your Correspondent, Friendship Musicians and also our local school children reading and writing stories, just for us.

Join us online, contribute with a poem, song, story or photo and pass the word along.

Contact me, Tricia Calway on 07949 140108 for more information and we are always looking for new volunteers to help with the website as well.