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Last updated 21st September 2021

Safeguarding Training Programme 2021

Due to the ongoing public health restrictions, face to face, diocesan safeguarding training courses remain postponed until further notice. The Leadership Pathway is now available via Zoom and the Foundation and Basic Awareness courses are still available online (to see which course you are required to complete, please see the information below)

The Leadership Pathway is about leadership and cultural change, the people who participate should be those who play a lead role in shaping the culture of the Church body concerned. This will usually include:

  • Anyone holding the Bishop’s licence, commission, authorisation, or permission.
  • Cathedral Canons (who are not engaged in the Senior Leadership Pathway)
  • Safeguarding Officers in all Church bodies
  • Honorary Bishops
  • Teaching staff at Theological Education Institutions who are delivering the Leadership Pathway
  • Safeguarding Lead in TEIs
  • Bell Tower Captains and Safeguarding Leads within bell ringing groups ( Clarification from the NST -Tower Captains will undoubtedly shape the culture of the bell tower in which they are ringing, therefore they meet the criteria for participation in the Safeguarding Leadership Pathway. Safeguarding Officers within all church bodies are listed as required attendees for the Safeguarding Leadership Pathway and this would therefore include the safeguarding officer / lead of a bell ringing group.)

To book a place on one of the Leadership Pathway courses please follow the link on your chosen course below (please note you must be available to attend both sessions)


Course No


Time (both workshops)

Session 1

Session 2

Course 31 Monday 10am - 11.30am 4 October 11 October 
Course 32 Tuesday  7pm - 8.30pm 5 October  12 October 
Course 33 Monday  2pm - 3.30pm 18 October  25 October 
Course 34  Tuesday  7pm - 8.30pm 19 October  26 October 
Course 35  Wednesday 10am - 11.30am 3 November 10 November 
Course 36 Monday  2pm - 3.30pm 8 November 15 November
Course 37  Thursday 10am - 11.30am 18 November  25 November
Course 38  Thursday  2pm - 3.30pm 18 November  25 November 
Course 39 Saturday 10am - 11.30am 4 December 11 December
Course 40  Monday  10am - 11.30am 6 December  13 December 
PSO Induction Thursday 7pm - 8.30pm 21 October  28 October 
PSO Induction Monday  7pm - 8.30pm 22 November 29 November 

The Basic Awareness and Foundation Pathways have undergone significant revision and now cover the necessary safeguarding learning outcomes for those roles no longer mandated to attend the Leadership Pathway (the Basic Awareness and Foundation Pathway courses are Required for anyone who has safeguarding responsibilities or who has contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. 

Anyone not required to attend the Leadership Pathway should complete the Basic Awareness & Foundation courses online which can be accessed here: Register here

Anyone needing to refresh their training after 3 years should complete either the Leadership Pathway or the Basic Awareness and Foundation Pathways as outlined above

Safer Recruitment & People Management

The Church of England is committed to promoting a safe environment and culture across all Church Bodies for children, young people and vulnerable adults.  An essential part of this commitment is ensuring that all those who work or volunteer with vulnerable groups are suitable for the role they will carry out.  There is new safer recruitment and people management policy for everyone with responsibility for recruitment, including the recruitment of volunteers which can be accessed here.  


Sharon Hassall and Simon Bass (November 2020)