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A short pre-recorded service of worship, led by Rt Rev. Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn, is available on the Diocesan YouTube channel from 9am on April 6.

The service was recorded via Zoom in the Bishop's chapel. You can watch the service here

In his address Bishop Julian says: "We are are learning to be church in a different way. Buildings may be closed but the life, the worship and the witness of Jesus' disciples continues. 

"Living out our faith in our homes in a forgotten dimension of our witness and we do well to develop new patterns of discipleship at home; saying grace at mealtimes, telling the Christian story to the younger generation, placing a cross in a front window ... and the reason is, I long for many more people to be stirred to ask: 'Who is this Jesus?'

"My prayer as we enter the holy ground of this coming week is that through YouTube; online services; our conversations over the phone, on Facetime, Zoom and by text; Tik Tok, Twitter ... whatever it may be that you use as communication ... we may prompt, even provoke, many to ask: 'Who is this Jesus?'."





Ronnie Semley, April 2020