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One of our Diocesan Vision Champions, Emily Hilton, is participating in the University of Manchester Jailbreak challenge raising money for Mary’s Meals, a charity that provides daily meals to more than 1.2m children in over 18 different countries. We asked Emily to tell us more.

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As the Diocesan Vision Champion at Christ Church in Thornton I have grown in my faith and hopefully helped to grow other disciples.

Recently I started at the University of Manchester studying midwifery where I have met women from all ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds.

Through this it has hit me just how much education is vital to a person’s wellbeing.

This is why, when given the opportunity to participate in the 'Jailbreak 2020', I jumped at the opportunity. Jailbreak is a charity event taking place on March 27 and 28 and this year the charity is Mary’s Meals.

The aim of Jailbreak is to get as far as possible from the University in just 30 hours without using any of our own money. Some teams have even made it to China and Sydney before! Through this we raise much needed awareness for the charity and raise donations whilst also bearing witness to God.

Mary's Meals is a registered charity which works in 18 different countries, providing daily meals in school for more than 1.2m people; with a vision that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things.

This provides an escape from poverty for them and their communities. Jesus teaches us to love our neighbours, so this is a great opportunity for us to do this by helping children avoid malnutrition and gain an education which will set them up for a more prosperous life.

Every donation counts so please share this story and support our journey by giving whatever you can via this link to our Just Giving page. Even a small donation could make a big difference to a desperate child's life and education.

And if you, or anyone you know, may be able to help with us getting as far away from the University as possible then please email and we will get back to you. 



Ronnie Semley, February 2019