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21st May 2018

Manchester Arena bombing - Bishops' statement for first anniversary

With the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing taking place tomorrow, the Bishops of the Diocese of Blackburn (The Church of England in Lancashire) have issued a joint statement.

Rt Rev Julian Henderson, the Bishop of Blackburn and Rt Rev Philip North, the Bishop of Burnley, say the bereaved families with be in their prayers and in the prayers of churches across Lancashire.

The full statement

"Anniversaries can be incredibly difficult times for bereaved families and doubtless there will be many at this time who will be playing through in their minds the horrific events of May 22 last year in the Manchester Arena.

"So many wonderful lives were taken away from us by the wicked actions of one man. However, the incredible dignity and enduring love of the bereaved families over the past 12 months has been vital in showing us that compassion and hope will always triumph over hatred and anger.

"They will be in our prayers and in the prayers of the churches of Lancashire as we keep this anniversary."