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Last updated 18th February 2019

Diocesan Magazine - The See

The monthly Diocese of Blackburn magazine is called 'The See' (which is another name for Diocese). 

For more information about copy deadlines and submitting articles for the magazine go the the Resources pages of the website and then look under 'Communications Resources'.

Parishes can obtain copies of The See as follows:

  • Email £40 inc VAT per annum – You have the choice of either a Microsoft Word file (text only), or a PDF file.  The Word file can be copied and pasted into parish newsletters. The PDF file is designed for local photocopying.
  • Mastersheet £40 inc VAT per annum – this is just one physical paper copy which is posted to the church to photocopy directly, either the standard A5 or the A4 version.
  • Standard A5 Booklet, folded and stapled - 17p each
  • Standard A5 Booklet, folded and unstapled - 17p each

If parishes wish to arrange a change of delivery address or change the number of copies of The See please contact Karen Ashcroft at or phone 01254 503070.

Electronic copies of The See (six month rolling basis) can be accessed from the table below. The current month version is 'protected' which means it has a 'watermark' which is removed as soon as the next month's edition is published.



March (protected)  

SPECIAL NOTE: The March edition of our magazine features a code which, when used online to book tickets for the upcoming Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE) on March 13 and 14, will get you free entry - worth up to £8.

Book here using the code and click here for the homepage of the CRE website to find out more about the event. 

This offer comes to you thanks to the Diocesan Ministry of Sport initiative who have a stand at the CRE; as well as the generosity of the CRE itself. Find out more here about the Ministry of Sport. 


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