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Last updated 20th August 2019

Diocesan Magazine - The See

The monthly magazine for The Church of England in Lancashire (Blackburn Diocese) is 'The See', which has been established for many years. ('The See' is another name for a Diocese.)

The magazine is edited by Diocesan Communications Manager, Ronnie Semley, and is distributed to nearly all of our parish churches across Lancashire.

It provides a monthly digest of the latest news affecting and involving our parishes; including updates on our collective work towards Vision 2026 Healthy Churches Transforming Communities.

On this page is the online version of the magazine, with links to the current and past editions; plus useful information (further below) about submitting content, advertising, formats and costs and delivery.  

ONLINE SEE: A e-version of The See can be accessed from the table below. Archive editions go back to 2017 on this website. Please note, the current month's version is 'protected' which means it has a 'watermark' which is removed as soon as the next month's edition is published.

Older editions of The See in e-form are available from 2013. Email Ronnie via with your request. 

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Helpful information

POPULAR TOOL: In this digital age, we have assessed the magazine is still a very popular communications tool for us, with high levels of engagement; as well as contributors from across the Diocese, many of whom are 'repeat customers' who tell us they get excellent response when they promote events in The See.

As established recently - via a 2018 survey carried out using the Archdeacons' 'Articles of the Enquiry' questionnaire sent annually to all parishes - awareness levels of The See stand at 90%+ with similarly high percentages of respondents saying the magazine was 'relevant' and helped them to keep in touch with what was happening around the Diocese. 

SUBMITTING CONTENT: For more information about copy deadlines and submitting articles for the magazine you can visit this page entitled 'Content for The See'.

ADVERTISING: The See occasionally features advertising to help offset the cost of production. Businesses with some relation to the work of the Diocese and/or businesses with have a Christian ethos, may be considered as advertisers in the magazine, which reaches virtually all of our nearly 250 churches across Lancashire.

To be considered for advertising in The See businesses must contact Diocesan Communications Manager, Ronnie Semley, in the first instance, via email ( and with your contact details, including a phone number, to facilitate further discussion if required. 

FORMATS AND COSTS: Parishes can obtain copies of The See as follows (2019 prices):

  • Standard A5 Booklet, folded and stapled (the most common format) - 17p each
  • Standard A5 Booklet, folded and unstapled - 17p each
  • Email £40 inc VAT per annum – You have the choice of either a Microsoft Word file (text only), or a PDF file.  The Word file can be copied and pasted into parish newsletters. The PDF file is designed for local photocopying.
  • Mastersheet £40 inc VAT per annum – this is just one physical paper copy which is posted to the church to photocopy directly, either the standard A5 or the A4 version.

DELIVERY: If parishes want to arrange a change of delivery address or to change the number of copies of The See they receive, they should contact the Senior Administrative Officer for communications, Karen Ashcroft, via email, or phone 01254 503070.



Ronnie Semley (last updated May 2019)