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We have launched HopePod … an exciting new six-episode video/audio podcast series which has been created by us here in Lancashire; available for parishes in our Diocese to engage with as we continue to #Unlock. 

Watch the trailer here on our Diocesan YouTube channel.  

With HopePod we are starting a conversation about the church in these changing times:  looking at how the church has had to pinovember 1vot over the past two years; the challenges the church is facing now and where the church wants to be in the near future.  Join Jim, Claire and Damian as they welcome guests each week. 

Each episode launches on a Monday morning at 9am on the Diocesan YouTube channel up to and including November 1 and it’s also available each week on this webpage you are reading now and on several podcast providers: Apple Podcasts; Spotify and Amazon Music. 

In episode 1, ‘Foot and Mouse’ Jeanette Main joins Jim, Claire and Damian. Jeanette works with the third age community in Lancaster and Morecambe as part of her role with St Thomas' Church Lancaster. Jeanette also heads up ‘Lyrics and Lunch’, working with individuals and careers who are affected by dementia; using music, singing and community activities.  

Watch episode 1: 


Meanwhile, in episode 2, ‘Back to the future’ Revd David O'Brien, Vicar of St Thomas', Blackpool, joins the conversation.

Watch episode 2: 


Episode 3, ‘Combustion vs Hybrid’ featuring Revd Craig Abbott, Vicar at St John’s Ellel.

Watch Episode 3


Episode 4: Join Jim, Claire & Damian as we chat about how we use social media to glorify God. 

Watch episode 4 ... 


Episode 5: Join Jim, Claire & Damian as we chat about how we foster and pastor the online church community. This week we welcome Revd Munawar Din who is the Vicar at St Luke's, Brierfield and St Cuthbert's, Burnley.

Watch episode 5 ... 


Episode 6: Join Jim, Claire and Damian as we chat about how we foster and pastor the online church community. This week we welcome Jono Peatman who works as the Sung Worship Coordinator at St Thomas' Lancaster and the Debt Centre Manager at Lancaster and Morecambe CAP Debt Centre.

Watch episode 6 ... 



Ronnie Semley, October and November 2021