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7th July 2017

General Synod; York July 7 - 10 and outcome of motion on welcoming transgender people

The General Synod of The Church of England meets in York from July 7 - 10.

For more information about General Synod, including the names of current representatives from our Diocese visit this page on our Diocesan website.

This Group of Sessions of General Synod included a July 9 debate on a motion which originated in this Diocese in 2015 on welcoming transgender people to our parish churches.

A discussion of around 90 minutes was introduced by Rev. Chris Newlands from Lancaster Priory, who presented the motion on behalf of Blackburn Diocese. A vote was then held and the motion passed in all three Houses - Bishops, Clergy and Laity.

The motion passed reads: That this Synod, recognising the need for transgender people to be welcomed and affirmed in their parish church, call on the House of Bishops to consider whether some nationally commended liturgical materials might be prepared to mark a person's gender transition. 

Read more about this on the Church of England's national website.