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Preaching is one of my passions, writes Bishop Philip, but it can be hard to keep our preaching fresh over the course of a long ministry. 

I will be leading a 48 hour residential on preaching at Whalley Abbey from November 11 – 13 this year which will provide an excellent opportunity for clergy to reflect on how they can keep their preaching sharp, fresh and effective. 

It will also help clergy to feedback on preachers whom they may supervise (Readers, curates etc.)

We will run this in the style of a ‘learning community’ in which we gain insights from one another, share wisdom and build each other up as preachers. 

There will also be plenty of time to pray together, enjoy each other’s company and support one another in the vocation we share. 

To book, it would be best to contact my secretary Louise Hunter first so that we can make the arrangements for the costs to be met through clergy CME grant. 

Please drop her a line on: