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Last updated 30th July 2019

Tools to help with Vision Action Planning

One of the ingredients strongly associated with growth in churches of any size, place or context is a willingness to self-reflect and learn continuously.

There are a range of resources and materials available to help you with the Vision Action Planning Process including:

  1. The team of ‘Vision Companions’ led by Revd Canon Grant Ashton who are available to meet, talk or facilitate, depending on your particular needs.    
  2. A starting point might be to use one of the self-assessment questionnaires we have created to help you to explore areas of church life.  These could be used either by a whole congregation or PCC, with or without assistance from a Vision Companion.
  3. As the church starts to think about its vision, there are liturgical resources that may assist in bringing a vision focus to services.
  4. Some of the research carried out into factors that encourage Church Growth can be found here.
  5. After completing their self-assessment, some churches have run one or more of the following courses:
  6. Books that may be of assistance include:

How to do Mission Action Planning - Prayer, Process and Practice
Mark Ireland and Mike Chew

ISBN 13: 9780281075645

Published 16/06/2016

Developing Healthy Churches - Returning to the Heart of Mission and Ministry
Robert Warren 

ISBN-13: 9780715142813 

Published: 31/07/2012

The Healthy Churches Handbook - a Process for Revitalizing Your Church
Robert Warren 

ISBN-13: 9780715142820 

Published: 01/02/2012

What Makes Churches Grow - Vision and Practice in Effective Mission
Bob Jackson 

ISBN-13: 9780715144749 

Published: 30/06/2015


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