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Last updated 16th October 2019

Safeguarding Training Programme 2020

From January 2020 we will be rolling out a new, streamlined Training Programme (2019)

The national church has reduced the number of training modules that we need to deliver.  Everyone in leadership roles is required to complete Leadership (C2), including anyone who holds the Bishops licence. 

We will no longer be running Foundation (C1) and Leadership (C2) combined sessions.

 Leadership training for clergy (C3) has been removed from the framework.

The new modules will be:

  • Foundation training (C1) available on line and will need to be completed before Leadership training (C2).
  • C2 Leadership training for everyone in a leadership role including all those who hold the Bishop's licence
  • S1 Safer Recruitment will be available on line soon.
  • S3 Domestic Abuse is still required training for certain roles.

During 2020 all readers and PTO will be re-licensed so we will need to run additional training sessions to ensure that everyone in those roles has up to date training.

This means that from January 2020 we will not be taking bookings for individual parish training. Instead, we will need to consider running training at Deanery level, on agreed dates, in suitable parish venues.


Sharon Hassall, August 2019