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Last updated 10th September 2020

Safeguarding Training Programme 2020

Due to the current public health situation, face to face, Diocesan safeguarding training courses are postponed until further notice. The online safeguarding courses (Basic Awareness and Foundation) remain available online Register here and we would encourage you to complete those courses if you have not yet done so. (We will be keeping the situation under review over the coming weeks.

On-line Safeguarding Leadership Training

LLM’s who are due to be re-licensed in December this year, clergy who's safeguarding training is due for renewal or anyone who needs to renew their safeguarding training in order to be re-licensed, will be offered a place on the on-line safeguarding leadership training between September and the end of November 2020.  This training is split into two sessions and attendance at both, along with completion of the preparation tasks before each session are essential in order to be issued with a certificate.

The dates of the courses available can be found below. To book a place on one of the courses, please click on the course number below or email: 

When booking please  note that you must be available to attend both sessions. (places are limited to 13 on each course so early booking is essential to secure a place on  your preffered course)

Course No


Time (both workshops)

First Workshop

Second Workshop

Course 1



16 September

23 September

Course 2



17 September

24 September

Course 3



23 September

30 September

Course 4



28 September

5 October

Course 5



6 October

13 October

Course 6



10 October

17 October 

Course 7



12 October

19 October

Course 8



22 October

29 October

Course 9



27 October

3 November

Course 10



5 November

12 November

Course 11



13 November

20 November

Course 12



16 November

23 November

Course 13



19 November

26 November

In 2020 we are offering a new training programme in line with the new House of Bishops Training Practice and Guidance

We will no longer be delivering the combined C1/C2. Clergy C3 and the C5 refresher courses have now been discontinued.

Please note: required courses are essential attendance and recommended is best practice in accordance with the new guidance.

The Safeguarding Courses for 2020 are:

Basic Awareness (previously C0) - online course

Recommended for anyone who wants a basic awareness of safeguarding.

Foundation (previously C1) - online course

Required for anyone who has safeguarding responsibilities or who has contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. (Every role within the church has a safeguarding responsibility).

Leadership (previously C2) - face to face course

Required for anyone who has safeguarding leadership responsibilities or responsible for activities involving children and/or vulnerable adults. (Foundation (C1) will have to be completed by everyone before attending the Leadership course.

Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse and Violence (previously S3) – face to face course

Required for anyone holding a Bishops licence, commission, authorisation or PTO, Spiritual directors, Bishops visitors, Pastoral visitors and Safeguarding officers.

Recommended for Senior staff teams, churchwardens, leaders of children’s/adults activities, children and youth workers, others as relevant to role.

Safer Recruitment – online course coming soon

Required for anyone with responsibilities for DBS administering, recruiting, designated members of PCC who sit on interview panels and safeguarding officers.

Refresher courses

Required for anyone after 3 years of the initial Safeguarding training course.

If you have completed the former C1 only, your refresher course is the new Foundation (C1) online safeguarding course.

If you completed the former C1/C2 combined or the C3 Clergy course, your refresher safeguarding course is the Leadership (C2) face to face course only (you are not required to complete the Foundation (C1) beforehand).

Deanery training dates and venues will be offered throughout the year and we will no longer be taking parish requests.

Register here to access the Basic Awareness (C0) Course and the Foundation (C1) Course 

Please book onto the courses listed below by clicking on the link to Eventbrite:

Leadership Course (previously C2)

Date Time Location Deanery Eventbrite
All courses suspended until further notice        


Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse (previously S3)

Date Time Location Deanery Eventbrite

All courses suspended until further notice





Safer Recruitment

All courses suspended until further notice




Rachael Campion
November 2019